Know your rights before opting for Dallas collision repair

Posted by AllmaJess on February 19th, 2014

There are many myths surrounding Dallas collision repair. People believe in these myths because they don’t put in the effort to know what is right and what is not. As a consumer you have enough rights to safeguard your interests and the more you know about these rights the better chance you stand to save money on collision repairs. Even when you opt for Dallas paintless dent repair you have your rights as a consumer and you should exercise them.

Let’s focus on the simple job – Dallas paintless dent repair. This is a job that some people manage at home also. However, you should only carry this out at home if you know what you are doing. There are many examples where people tried paintless denting jobs at home and ended up chipping the color of the car body panel. It is best to go to a professional technician that can do the job right 99.99% of the time.

For Dallas paintless dent repair the technician will push out the dented portion from the inner side of the car body. At the same time they will also perform a pulling action so that the dent is removed and the surface of the panel becomes flat. This is a simple enough job and you can visit almost any technician for getting this done. However, the best technicians are more experienced and have better tools and so they can remove even the most microscopic dents. Consider this if you are finicky about the appearance of your car.

As far as Dallas collision repair is concerned your first inclination would be to listen to your insurance company. Every insurance company has their own listed garages and they always recommend these garages. You may actually pay more money going to these garages even when your insurance company tells you that you benefit from lower premiums. You are well within your rights to choose your garage.

A very wrong notion about Dallas collision repair is that you must take multiple quotes for collision repairs. There is no truth in this and no law requires you to take more than one quote from the garage of your choice.

Even when you are at the Dallas collision repair center of your choice your insurance company will try and dictate terms to tell you how the repair work should be done. You have full rights to decide how the repair will be done. Only ensure that you go to a garage that offers you warranty for any job, even if it’s as simple as Dallas paintless dent repair.

You have the right to get the best collision repair done on your car so that you are safe when you drive it again. You can ask your repair center whether they use OEM parts or aftermarket parts. The choice of parts is entirely yours.

You’ve had a collision so you decide the extent of repair. This is your biggest right as a consumer when you require Dallas collision repair or Dallas paintless dent repair.

Whether you want a simple job like Dallas paintless dent repair done or Dallas collision repair done you should know your rights as a consumer.

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