Choose your own body shops Dallas and not those recommended by your insurer

Posted by AllmaJess on February 19th, 2014

You had a collision and called your collision insurance company. They arranged for your car body repair Dallas and you felt like getting a concierge service from your insurance company. You didn’t have to hunt for one of the body shops Dallas. As a result you went and told 10 more people about the experience you had. The insurance company got four more new customers.

This is a familiar experience with most motorists that have had a collision. They seem to think that their insurance company is a messiah. But the fact is something else altogether. All the insurance companies have their relationships with the so called big boys of car body repair Dallas. It’s a mutually benefiting relationship where you as the customer of the insurance company pay for their benefit. What these big garages do is provide volume business and discounts to the insurance companies without passing on any benefit to you.

Insurance companies argue that such arrangements with body shops Dallas allows them to offer benefits to their customers in the form of lower premiums. However, what they do is lower their payouts and thus, make more profits. This is not to say that the insurance companies are bad people to deal with. But at the end of the day insurance companies are not charitable institutions. They need to make money and this is one of the best ways for them to make money through collision insurance.

You must know that you have the right to choose the garage for your car body repair Dallas. It’s not that you are liable to listen to your collision insurance company and only go to those body shops Dallas that they recommend. I would actually recommend something else altogether.

Use the internet to find out the most trusted names in car body repair Dallas. There are a few points to consider here. Once you have a list of these garages find out about them. This can be easily done by visiting their websites. You will come to know what services they offer. You will find out that some of them even offer courtesy towing, something that can be quite expensive otherwise. And not only some of these body shops Dallas offer state of the art repairs some of them even offer to waive off your deductibles. Now this is what I call “wow” service and not what the insurance companies have to offer.

Ideally one should know which of the body shops Dallas to call when they are in a collision situation. This would mean that they panic less than usual. The moment there’s an accident the involved people have different thoughts in their minds. Foremost among them is the amount of money they would need to shell out. But when someone knows that there is someone they can trust for car body repair Dallas there is a lot less headache to be bothered about. This is why it’s important that someone uses the internet to find the best garages in the city.

For your car body repair Dallas it is best to choose from your own listed body shops Dallas. Your insurance company will help but they have their interest in recommending a body shop.

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