RuneScape 3 Approaching!

Posted by wengzhujing on February 20th, 2014

An epic-scale world event which will shake the foundations of Gielinor, and one which is driven entirely by your actions. Week by week, your choices will shape the flow of battle and the fate of characters, locations and stories, and the ultimate outcome will set the course for RuneScape’old school runescape gold,s future.Buy RuneScape 3 Gold to Greet the Biggest UpdateBuy cheap rs 3 money on RSorder for the coming Sixth Age of the Gielinor! We promise 100% manual made runescape 3 gold with the cheapest price and fastest delivery in 10 mins! Be a clever player to prepare ahead, enjoy your rs3 journey better!

RuneScape 3 comes in 9 hours! Are you ready? It's exciting that the time to the release of Runescape 3 is fast-approaching. With its steep history in many MMO players' background of gaming, it should be a good time to really step back into the game and see what exactly has changed in the past three years. Come back to RuneScape with cheap rs 3 money from RSorder!RuneScape 3 Approaching!For those curious as to what the transition from Runescape 2 to Runescape 3 will be like, it’ll be much like the transition from Runescape Classic to Runescape 2. Since Runescape 3 is simply a continuation of the current game, players will not lose their characters or accounts, meaning they can use their existing characters in Runescape 3. Also, if players have any functionality or disagreements with the technological upgrade, they can also continue to play using the Java client if they wish while still getting all of the benefits of RuneScape 3 with the exception of the visual upgrades.Runescape will bring a new era of technological, story, and gameplay upgrades. The future of Runescape, just from the highlights, seems very exciting.

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