Advantages and disadvantages of internet marketing

Posted by Mavenup Creatives on October 14th, 2020

Internet marketing has many advantages and disadvantages. On the other hand, online marketing also has disadvantages and disadvantages. Using the Internet to advertise goods and services is known as Internet marketing or online marketing.

This process is also called e-marketing or e-commerce. Internet marketing uses various strategies to create a business in the target audience, these strategies include SEO (search engine optimization), blogging, direct marketing, email marketing, content marketing, Social media marketing, and so on. There are advantages and disadvantages to Internet marketing, which are described below.


The benefits of earning money online or promoting your online business include:


Internet marketing is much cheaper than traditional or offline marketing, business promotions, and other online investments, especially in the case of advertising. In fact, some business promotion or online monetization techniques are completely free, unlike traditional advertising media such as television and newspapers, you will only spend part of your money on promoting traditional businesses. In addition to being cost-effective, Internet marketing also saves time because it takes less time to find a customer and do business.


Internet marketing has the advantage of not having a geographical location for business (unlike a traditional business that is limited in scope of activities) with other internet businesses, you do not have to worry about geographical location. This creates new opportunities and prepares you to compete on a global scale. So, even if your office is closed for business, customers and prospects will still find you through their website and place their orders.


Reliable and powerful technology from the web, so your online business is one of the most important benefits of hosting your business online. And, technologies are getting better and more advanced day by day. So, with the advent of advanced internet technologies, you do not have to worry about sending your emails (email marketing) to your target audience on time, delivery is almost fast! Traditional mail (mail) systems, on the other hand, take days or even weeks to send mail to their destination, but in Internet businesses, this can be done in minutes.



Face-to-face contact is very low. Lose your traditional competitors with strong customer service tactics.


The virtual nature of internet marketing increases the complexity of marketing, new students tend not to be confused in choosing profitable online marketing methods, customers also face complexities in online shopping. In fact, consumers unknowingly prefer to make regular purchases because of the complexities of online shopping.

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