Exhilarate your senses with the new range of glass sex toys

Posted by alisonreid29 on February 20th, 2014

Glass sex toys are soaring in popularity these days and with the increase in popularity of these toys hare increasing the number of firms that deal in the distributorship of these adult commodities. New playthings like the glass butt plug have also been popular lately.  

The extended need for sexual satisfaction has seen the advent of sex toys. However it is a wrong belief that sexual toys are a product of the modern age. In the modern times, they have just been modified. Presently, there are many varieties of sex toys available in the market and the latest addition to the list have been sex toys made up of glass.

Are glass toys safe?

A major fringe in the mind of many customers is regarding the safety of sex toys made of glass. The answer to this question however depends on where the toys have been brought from. All glass toys are not necessarily safe. Some low grade distributors might sell glass toys that have lead in them. Lead is a toxic metal and can cause medical complications. But reputed sellers will only use Pyrex glass, which is completely non-toxic.

Temperature resistant nature of glass toys

Glass dildos are very smooth and slick. They are temperature resistant and bear high and low temperatures equally well. This property can be used to create different sensations in the body by keeping the dildo of slightly warm or cool. Toys made from glass are dishwasher safe.

A glass butt plug or dildo can also be easily cleaned with the help of soap water. These are also dishwasher safe and buying an additional cleaner is not necessary.

Where to buy?

Glass sex toys are available with many sellers. But ample care should be taken in choosing the sex toys from a reputed seller. The buyer should ensure that all the toys available with the seller are made of borosillicate glass. There are several benefits of using this glass, some of which are listed below.

             The glass surface is very smooth and can be easily be used for vaginal or anal penetration.

             It is the safest medically.

             It has no pores and the use of lubricant is minimal.

             It can be easily sterilized.       

Looking for glass sex toys that are both safe and sensuous? We have toys like the glass butt plug that are guaranteed to live up to your fantasies.

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