10 Useful Tips to Keep Stalkers At Bay

Posted by nightwatchprotection on February 21st, 2014

Everyone wants a happy and stress free life.  But, malicious people make it difficult for us to live freely and without fear. Crime exists in every society and occurs in many forms like-burglary, robbery, sexual crimes against women, harassment, extortion, stalking etc. Stalking is a crime which can make the victim’s life miserable and can seriously affect his or her mental state. Therefore, taking some timely actions early on like getting an ADT home security system can stop a nightmare before it starts. The more you understand a situation the better you are able to handle it, so, here’s some helpful information on stalking and the ways to deal with it.

What is stalking?
Stalking is a pattern of repeated and unwanted attention, harassment, contact, or any other course of conduct directed at a specific person that would cause that person to feel scared or harassed.

Who can be a stalker?
Stalkers come from every walk of life and every socio-economic background. Virtually anyone can be a stalker. Sometimes a stalker can even be a person you know well.

How to deal with stalkers?
Stalking is a crime that can happen to anyone irrespective of the gender, age or social status. Therefore, knowing what to do in such cases can prevent mishaps from happening.

Tip # 1: If you are being stalked, the first thing to do is to keep your friends and family  informed so they know what is going on in your life and are not taken aback by shock if something untoward happens.

Tip # 2: Document every incident as thoroughly as possible, including collecting/keeping videotapes, audiotapes, phone answering machine messages, photos of property damage, letters received, objects left, affidavits from eyewitnesses, and notes.

Tip # 3: Keep your eyes open all the time and don't hesitate to raise an alarm if you spot someone suspicious following you. Also, learn some basic self defense tricks.

Tip # 4: Get a reliable home security system like ADT security system to prevent any stalker from gaining entry into your home.

Tip # 5: Change your routine frequently so that it is more difficult for your stalker to find you.

Tip # 6: At your workplace or within a friend circle too, if you see someone paying too much attention that goes beyond personal and professional relationships, you need to be aware.

Tip # 7: Any response, even a negative one feeds into the stalker's belief that he is 'getting' to you. So, be strong and do not give any kind of response.

Tip # 8: If you know the stalker, as soon as possible be blunt, clear and firm yet polite as you tell him that you absolutely don’t want any sort of contact with him.

Tip # 9: Women should carry a mobile, a personal security alarm (screamer or noisemaker) & pepper spray in their purse. This will help them feel more confident when they go out.

Tip # 10: To avoid stalkers from calling you, get their numbers blocked and if possible do not answer calls from unknown numbers.

When stalking becomes intolerable, do not hesitate to inform the law enforcing agencies in your area and for added protection get efficient ADT home alarm systems. ADT home security systems offered by Nightwatch Protection Inc. not just guard your home 24/7 but also alert the authorities in the event of an emergency. Stay safe by following the above tips and equip your home with an efficient ADT home security system.

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