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Posted by adortalukdar on February 21st, 2014

Clay beads are a favorite of many jewelry makers. Many buy these beads wholesale because they make such good homemade jewelry. In fact, they make good gifts that you and give to friends and family during special days. If you find that you are facing financial constraints but would still like to get clay beaded jewelry for you or your friends and family, you have the option of making your own jewelry.

Benefits of buying in bulk

It is often cheap to buy beads wholesale. If you find this to be expensive, then you can also make your own clay beads. Making beads from clay is a simple process that will not take much of your time but is likely to save you quite some money. You will also get a special sense of fulfillment from making your own beads and then using them to make wearable pieces of jewelry.

You can make beads from different types of clay; however, the one that is quite popular with jewelry makers is polymer clay. This is a type of clay that is made out of a material known as polymer polyvinyl chloride. This type of clay is similar in consistency to plastacine, and it does not air-dry. This is a great advantage for jewelers because you don’t have to worry about your clay beads drying up before you are finished designing them. This is unlike conventional clay that is quick to dry when exposed to air, which forces people using such clay to work fast so as to keep it from drying out before their sculpture or jewelry is complete.

Making beads from polymer clay

When you make beads using polymer clay you will need to dry them out by baking them in an oven. It doesn’t have to be a kiln as you can do this by using an ordinary oven at home. The fact that you do not need a specialized kiln to fire this type of clay means that you can make beads from clay in the comfort of your home workshop.

When you buy these beads wholesale from jewelry supplies shops, you will see that they come in a variety of colors. If you decide to make them, this does not mean that you have to work without color. You can also color your home made clay beads. In fact, it’s better because it gives you a chance to paint them in the colors of your choice. You can mix and match different paints to come up with unique colors and patterns so that the jewelry you make is unique and stands out from other people’s designs.

Decorating homemade beads

You don’t have to be restricted to painting only; you can also decorate your clay beads using stamps, different molds and even glitters. You can also make designs on the beads using your free hand or add other embellishment such as gemstones. Using different paint brushes to make your designs will also bring out different effects and textures. Once you make your beads you can then thread them onto flexible plastic, wire or string to create unique earrings, bracelets and necklaces. So, when you cannot buy beads wholesale, remember that making them from home is also a good option.

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