Furniture retail software: All-in-one solution for a furniture store

Posted by Kevin Smith on October 15th, 2020

With advancements in technology, its role in the retail industry has also increased by leaps and bounds. The online channels of shopping and purchasing, SEO rankings and customer reviews, mobile phone payments, interactive kiosks, and others are all a part of the growing impact of technology in the retail sector. All these technological features become the competitive difference between the various players in the market, while the aim is to attract more customers and increase the size of their shopping bucket. One of the key technology solutions used in the large and small retail stores is the point-of-sale (POS) system. A furniture store is no different. Furniture retail software offers features that also aid the furniture stores to make their operations faster, accurate, and easier and hence, take their business to the next level of growth.

A good furniture retail system can manage inventory, enable billing, help in work allocation and performance tracking of employees, and collect data and analyze to develop insights. Moreover, it can be integrated with multiple other software and solutions such as CRM software, ERP software, accounting solution, and many more.

We discuss the various benefits of the POS software for a furniture store in the following points:

Accessibility through multiple channels

Nowadays, entrepreneurs and store owners wish to remain connected to their business anywhere and anytime to avoid missing out on sales. Cloud-based Furniture retail software makes this possible for furniture store owners to carry out and process the transaction from anywhere. It works even in offline mode, and later, when you are online, all the data present in the cloud is synced so that the order of work is not changed in the system.

Ensuring a collaborative atmosphere

A POS works best in furniture stores since the employees helping the customers with product selection have access to all the product options on the POS. Furthermore, Furniture POS Software enables a smooth integration between the sales and warehouse departments through continuous updates and direct communication. Stocks can be ordered instantly due to the collaboration between the logistics and purchase team.

Therefore, furniture retail software ensures every staff member is on the same page due to active cooperation across the teams at each level. Besides, they are also easy to use; hence, training is manageable, and related costs are reduced.

Stock ordering made simple

The POS software for furniture stores makes it easier to keep track of the inventory data. Specifically, the availability of each product item, the deficit in any product items, quantities required to be ordered, and the pricing details.

Specifically, for furniture stores, customers are also interested in knowing if any other designs are available or if it is possible to find a furniture item close to their specifications.

In such cases, accessibility to the inventory information on the furniture retail software helps a great deal in providing the options to customers and maybe finalize the purchase. Moreover, there are additional features of the search option, substitute product possibilities, and complementary product suggestions on the furniture point of sale system. However, it is crucial for employees and store owners to have access to furniture retail software for speedy and easier access to information to be shared with customers.

Insightful reporting made possible

Generally, POS software for furniture store has the feature of data collection and generating reports from this data. These reports provide insights into the performance of the furniture store in terms of total sales, sales per item category, sales volume per customer, the peak time of purchase, and many more. Such insightful information can be used to design relevant promotion and marketing materials to attract customers. This feature helps the storeowners to order the products according to the demand and provide offers and discounts in regards to customers’ response and seasonal fluctuations. Therefore, the storeowner is not required to generate reports manually or through a third-party expert; the furniture retail software suffices this requirement.

Saving paper and hence trees

Storeowners can avoid doing the paperwork required in a furniture retail transaction such as bills, delivery information reports, receipts, and others. Therefore, using such retail software for furniture stores enables them to avoid complicated documentation work and streamline the purchase, billing, and delivery processes. Furthermore, this decreases the possibility of errors since all the teams are connected and keep communicating and updating the others.

In all, it benefits the customers as they get access to accurate stock data, thereby leading to shopper satisfaction from the store’s services.

Improving customer experience

Good POS software for furniture retailers benefits the customers through loyalty programs, reward clubs, and personalized services. If a furniture item demanded by the customer is not in the store, it can be specially ordered from the vendor within a few days to satisfy the customer. Designing advertising campaigns based on customers’ interest, purchase history, and shopping experience can lead to frequent purchases from loyal customers, thereby increasing sales.

Therefore, furniture industry retailers must be prudent to select the best furniture POS software to facilitate inventory management, customer services, and deliveries. With rapid shifts observed in the furniture styles, the software must have the capability to track the change in customer demand, manage supplies from multiple vendors for variety, and keep accurate records of sales numbers.

Ari’s Furniture Store POS ensures these features at a reasonable cost. It benefits the furniture industry by providing an answer to inventory management, supply chain management, marketing, and reporting in a single, complete POS solution. Use our furniture retail software to obtain an all-round view of your business processes, support all payment methods, enhance brand loyalty, and increase your sales

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