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Posted by Johny Dean on February 22nd, 2014

People who are requested to present certified or sworn translations in order to fulfil all sorts of legal formalities, apply for a scholarship overseas, submit a funding request, file for divorce, apply for a residence permit, obtain a tax certificate, etc., should resort to a provider of certified translation service. At, you will find useful information about when sworn or certified translations are needed and about the various types of documents that usually require a sworn translation.

The basic rule is that all the translated documents that will be used within a legal text on the territory of Europe shall require a sworn translation. A sworn or certified translation is a legal document which produces legal effects and which will be accepted by the institutions in the country where the translation is to be submitted. For instance, most universities ask foreign students to include certified translations of their academic records and diplomas in their personal file. Also, people who apply for a work permit in a foreign country are normally requested to submit certified translation of their birth and marriage certificates, passports, certificates of criminal records, etc.

Companies also need certified translations when they sign a contract, when they assign their shares to a non-resident shareholder, when they have a dispute with a foreign party and they want to settle it before the court of law, etc. In other words, all documents that are to be used for official purposes require a certified translation and should be translated by sworn, certified or court-approved translators who meet the specific translation requirements of their country. At, you can benefit from unrivalled certified translation service. This agency has collaborators all over the world and can help you with any translation job that you may need, for it provides services in more than 150 languages.

When it comes to certified translations, accuracy is essential; translators have the professional duty and the legal obligation of translating the source text without modifying its content or its meaning. Errors are not accepted, for they can lead to disastrous legal consequences. At, the quality of the translation jobs is guaranteed; this translations agency observes all the applicable translation standards and makes sure that the translated text complies with the requirements in the target country. Reputed for its seriousness and professionalism, this translation agency manages to attract a growing number of clients.

In case you are required to translate an official document such as a birth or marriage certificate, a power of attorney, a will, a deposition, a commercial contract, an affidavit, a confidentiality agreement, a passport, a work permit, a certificate of criminal record, etc., it is likely for you to need a sworn translation. However, in case you are not sure, you should make an enquiry at the institution, government department or body where you must submit the document and the staff working there will be able to clarify things for you.

We provide sworn or certified translations of all types of legal documents and our team includes professional translators from over 150 countries. In case you are looking for a high quality certified translation service, you have come to the right place! We invite you to visit us at and to see for yourself why so many clients resort to our translation services.

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