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Posted by GeorgeVelvet on February 22nd, 2014

Jewelry has a rich historical backdrop. Right from pre-historic man to the ultra modern ones of this generation, adorning one with the most precious or semi-precious stones are but a norm. In the fashion industry it is important to know the difference between ‘fashion jewelry’ and ‘fine jewelry’. While the latter has mostly to do with gold, silver and other expensive stones, the former is what we commonly refer to as ‘costume jewelry’ made from cheaper materials as rhodium and silver-plated stuffs. It was primarily Coco Chanel, the pioneer of the popular Chanel brand to revolutionize the world of fashion pieces. Starting from Chanel necklace to earrings, bracelets and the like, the collections are mind blowing. So much of value is attached to this brand that vintage Chanel jewelry items are now making a comeback.

Most people make a common mistake of considering vintage items as the antique ones. They are not the same. Vintage jewelry refers to those ornaments that basically belonged to a bygone era. While antiques are mostly preserved, vintage pieces make for ideal statement pieces. No doubt they keep going in and out of fashion.

The condition of jewelry affects its value over time. It doesn’t require to be said how much of care and maintenance it deserves. But regular wear of finely encrusted stones prove too much for the working women. Chanel jewelry pieces came as a respite at a time when ornament freaks were desperately on the lookout for something more contemporary that could be used as alternatives. At a time when wearing fake jewels could almost cause a person to be regarded as a social outcast, the larger than real versions of this international brand took the market by storm. These affordable accessories are the perfect ones for a casual day out, brunches, dinner dates and even parties. For the more exotic collections, vintage Chanel ornaments are just perfection defined.

In the early days when gold and diamonds largely decided the status of women, costume jewelry was practically frowned upon. The fashion fraternity suddenly woke up to the beckoning of the fashion empire’s queen. A self-made multimillionaire, Ms. Coco Chanel almost transformed the very thought prevailing in those times. The next development was Hollywood’s obsession with this new range of costume jewelry. Seeing the top models and actresses sport a unique piece of Chanel necklace or brooch made the average class vie for the same. Though it was easier for the wealthier classes to afford the House of Chanel line, this exclusive series was beyond the reach of commoners.

Nowadays you are sure to find copied versions of the vintage Chanel jewelry pieces but originals haven’t disappeared from the shelves either. In fact these days the jewelry line is well within the range of the common class, especially after discounted rates being offered. The brand has presently extended its line to include customized bags, fragrances and other fineries that are at par with the ornaments. For those wondering about making a purchase, it’s never too late to invest in this renowned brand.

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