Questions to Ask before Hiring traductores de catal?n (Catalan translators)

Posted by juliabennet on February 22nd, 2014

With globalization businesses from interior are getting a whole lot of exposure in the market and coming up with a whole lot of opportunities. So, in order to reach out to those small businesses and expand your company worldwide, it is very important to have a medium that will keep you connected with them. And, here comes the need of hiring a translation agency. If you want to contact the innumerable businesses in Spain, apart from Spanish, you need to have knowledge about Catalan language, which was considered as the second most popularly used language in Catalonia. Now, it is virtually not possible to know all the language, thus hiring translation service is one of the best options. A reputed agency works with experienced traductores de catalán(Catalan translators) who can translate all sorts of documents easily without any error. Not only there are Catalan and Spanish translation professionals, but also traductores de chino(Chinese translators) operate with them too.

As there are innumerable agencies as such who offer translation services in almost all the major and even minor languages, finding the one suitable can be a pretty difficult. Anyways, with online research, though you can find a long list of agencies, choosing the right one completely depends upon how well research you have made. Listed below are few questions that you should ask the agencies when you actually call them up, so that there is clarity in purpose and you can find the agency without any hassles;
1. Their charges. The factor of cost totally depends upon the number of words you want the traductores de catalán(Catalan translators) to translate. Obviously for a 500 words document they are going to charge more than a 100 words text.
2. Whether they charge you per targeted words or each source. Suppose, if you need English to Catalan translation your source language would be English.
3. Whether the quote what you have received is likely to change in the near future or not. This is important to know because, if you want to reduce the work in the future will that lessen the price too or they make no compromise with the charges once decided.
4. Whether all the translators are qualified and well-trained. If yes, then what are their qualifications and how they have been trained?
5. Do they allow only native translators to operate with them?
6. If the Catalan or traductores de chino(Chinese translators) fail to deliver your work timely, how do they compensate?
7. Does their translation service include proof-reading?
8. Do the professionals have relevant experience to work in your project?
9. How is their payment format?
10. What style and format does the translator adopt to translate your document?
11. Whether they have any provision for trail translation or not. However, not necessarily, this service has to be free.

These questions when answered will help you have a brief understanding about the capabilities and workings of the translation agency you wish to hire. Moreover, it will equally enable them to understand the kind of services you are looking for.

Searching for quality traductores de catalán (Catalan translators)? We work with one of the experienced Catalan and traductores de chino (Chinese translators) to provide high class services.

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