Credit repair DIY Guide: Is There a Quick Fix for Your Bad Credit Score?

Posted by AdrianRocker on February 22nd, 2014

Repairing bad credit is very much like losing extra body weight. It needs time and patience and if some credit score repair agency assured you about a 24-hour fix, the agency is probably run by counterfeit people. In many cases, quick fix attempts worsen credit scores further. If you are serious about credit repair, managing your credit responsibly is the first thing to do. Repairing credit score is the first step towards improving it. Therefore, you should leaf through your financial documents to see if you can find any conflicting fact or figures. Here below are some tips for you if you want to repair your FICO score without falling in any new pitfall. Seek credit help from trusted financial experts if you require.

Things to check right away

Checking the credit report

Your credit report probably has all the errors that have put down your credit score. Checking the report for possible errors should be your first step towards credit repair. For this, you need to request your bank to send you free and updated copies. Check if the bank has listed late payments mistakenly and if the amounts that your bank owes to you for all your savings accounts are correct. If you find any error or contradictory facts, you should take the matter to the Credit Bureau.

Making payments on time

Making payments right on time can help you open negotiations with banks and other financial institutions when it comes to taking out a new loan or getting a new credit card. There are banks and lending institutions that offer machine-generated payment reminders to help borrowers in paying their dues on time. You may set a text message alert or email alert to stay abreast about the last days for payment and this way you can gradually but surely do credit repair without taking help of experts. Auto payment and debit options are also available with some leading banks.

Reduce debt amount gradually

This is certainly not a matter of one two days or weeks. You may need to become a cheapskate and compromise in some cases to save the money and to give it to your bank. One easy way to reduce debt amount is to stop using all the credit cards you have. Keep a tab on your spending and follow your credit score regularly. Do not miss the payment dates and do not get in a situation to pay extra in form of late payment fine. Check the interest rates and make an annual budget for repaying the existing loans and credit card expenditures etc.

Should you consult an expert?    

There are credit score improvement experts who have worked in the financial sector for so many years together. If it seems that finding possible errors in your credit report or taking important decisions during hard times is not something you can manage yourself, do not hesitate to consult and seek credit help from experts in the field. Go on Google to find the best credit score repair experts.

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