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Posted by brianaharry on February 22nd, 2014

rent in Dubai.  Before you make your mind up about taking apartments for rent in Dubai, there are a number of things you should keep in mind to save some money. We are going to tell you what they are.

First of all, make sure that apartments for rent in Dubai is situated in the right area. And by this I mean, that it is going to be near to your main area of interest(s) in Dubai, i.e. near your working place, your school/university or your children’s school/kindergarten. If for example, you rent a cheaper place but your offices are on the other side of Dubai, then on a longer run, the place you rented may end up costing you more, when you add the money you are going to be spending on gas/taxi/public transport on daily basis. Villas for rent in Dubai, does not necessarily mean it is going to be more expensive on the longer run. So do take into consideration for how long you need or want to stay at that place.

Then, make sure that the villas for rent in Dubai is going to match your needs regards to size, number of rooms, as well as the area of Dubai where it is situated. You may rent something really lovely and luxurious but if it turns out to be too big for you and you are going to use only half of it, then it would be better to look for something smaller, yet equally nice, that would be matching your needs.

Usually the furnished places are more expensive to rent, but do not take that for granted and make sure you check both offers. If you already have some furniture you may use immediately, then an unfurnished place may be more suitable for you. Otherwise, going for cheap apartments for rent in Dubai, but spending heaps of money on new furniture later, may turn out to be more expensive than a 5-bedroom apartment.

When it comes to apartments, studios are usually the cheapest version, and often they also have a bathroom and a parking space. So if you are single or a young couple with no children, this may be a nice cozy solution for you.

Lower-story apartments for rent in Dubai usually are more expensive compared to those situated higher. So using the elevator or walking up the stairs may not save your body weight but can surely save your money!

For bigger families, depending on the number of family members, you should plan the number of rooms accordingly, making sure everyone has their own private place to be at, but don’t leave way too extra room that is going to remain unused.

Air-conditioning on the other hand should be a-must in villas for rent in Dubai, because temperatures in Dubai can get very high, and not just in summer.  Pools. They can be a great addition, but not really a necessity.

Before making any final decisions, make sure to check the conditions regarding smoking and pets. And yes, some apartments for rent in Dubai do not allow children either.

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