Digest on Clean Air Act and Other Environmental Laws

Posted by Bellaisa on February 23rd, 2014

 In response to allegations that some companies caused air pollution by emitting toxins the government a complex legal and regulatory environmental law scheme that includes many measures involving the environment. One of these is the Clean Air Act in addition to many other Acts implemented as environmental law.

Plaintiffs who sue companies claim that emissions cause harms and that under the environmental laws there should be changes in

•             Air emissions

•             Materials released

•             Chemicals produced

1970 Clean Air Act

The 1970 Clean Air Act the most complex environmental law in the nation and addresses air quality in the US. This act has a many provisions. One concerns the emission standards for the automobiles, and affects aircraft as well. Every state in the US is subjected to meet the environmental law standards that are implemented under the Act.

1988 Radon Gas Abatement Act

Air quality is not limited to the outdoors as indoor quality can be measured and regulated as well. For instance, as according to the NCI, the radon gas that enters in the buildings from the soil or the bedrock contributes in spreading of lung cancer. What is radon? It is basically an odourless and a tasteless gas that makes detection very difficult. The Government has goals to reduce radon exposure that includes standards for new and existing buildings, thereby promoting clean air.

Local Air Pollution Laws

Not only are the US states liable to implement the air pollution control measures, but the local communities are too eligible to enact the environmental law. For instance, there are many agencies that enforce laws that are related to control the levels of certain substances in the air in urban areas, such as particulate matters.

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