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Posted by johnssmith00 on February 24th, 2014

If you are serious about your online venture then in addition to embracing SEO it is equally imperative to learn about website analysis and apply it as the mandatory first step. Hiring an experienced and professional SEO service is step in the right direction since the list of services offered by such a provider is comprehensive enough to be inclusive of all aspects. Although some entrepreneurs might claim that a consultation would yield the same results, outright hiring is a better option because it entails a thorough study of the website. Its main function is to analyze how effective the various arms like keyword research and link building are.

Visibility of a website on search engine pages is determined by a number of factors and it is the aim of website analysis to adjudge the viability of each of the aspects. Some of the areas that come under focus are the structure of the website, depth of pages and proper placement of results provided by keyword research. Additional information that also emerges pertains to when the website was last updated, duration taken by pages to load and if it can be easily intercepted by search engine spiders. Data gleaned as a result of this activity lays the foundation for further groundwork that can be undertaken to bring about an improvement.

Keyword research is an obligatory inclusion in a website analysis report and echoes the performance of the selected keywords in real time. On taking stock of the figures on the report, not only is it easier to judge whether the current set of keywords are effective or not but also whether extra research is required to find and compile a better set. To this effect, analysis of the website can act as a tool that exposes keyword-related weakness so that a fresh search can be launched for identifying words that attract more traffic. In this way, on-page optimization is also accomplished through strategic insertions in titles, tags and link data.

While it may be convenient for you to entrust your website to an expert for conducting the analysis, it can serve as a good learning experience wherein you could gain cognizance of the various facets of the website. As an online businessperson, knowledge pertaining to pages that are spotted by search engines, those which may have been missed and for what reason could prove to be truly valuable in the long run. Website analysis will also enlighten you about the relevance of your content in comparison with a competitor’s website and if any improvement can be brought about through further keyword research.

Given the popularity of SEO and keyword research it is but natural that every online entrepreneur must be familiar with the term and all that it entails very few will be able to implement or even explain the process on being asked to do so. So this lends two perspectives to the process of website analysis namely the SEO expert’s touch as also the personal touch of the owner. Therefore, your presence when the expert is analyzing is vital since it could spell the difference between a generic and customized appearance. After all, your portal is a reflection of your individuality and hence you must have a hand in its development too.

Website analysis is the imperative first step in any SEO campaign and knowing about it certainly comes in handy for the online entrepreneur. In addition to keyword research it also encourages self learning in context of website pages so that the entrepreneur can lend his personal touch and customize the website to suit his personality.

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