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Posted by americancolonial on February 24th, 2014

American Colonial Capital Offers Help With Investment Information and Resources


There are many opportunities to achieve a positive return on investment (“ROI”) in real estate investment. Investments range from REIT investment funds, annuity investments, long-term fixed investment returns, and short-term REIT investments, but there are few opportunities that provide monthly dividend payments paid to investors tied to a real estate and REIT investment strategy.  Now, investors have this unique opportunity to create a monthly income stream as part of their real estate and REIT investment strategy and monitor their investments in real-time.

American Colonial Capital, LLC offers clients investment information and options and to optimize their real estate and REIT investment strategy and realize positive returns on an annual and monthly basis.  American Colonial Capital makes the process intuitive by tracking the performance, return on investment, and monthly payments paid directly to investors related to their real estate investment port foliovia an online investment portal and mobile application that is similar to an online REIT investment property calculator.

Everyone realizes that certain real estate investment trusts and funds perform and are managed better than others, and that not all of them yield the same return. American Colonial strives to take the guesswork out of the real estate investment process and be transparent to investors on how investments are performing.

Shahvand Aryana, American Colonial Capital’s founder and Chairman of the Boardstated:  “Each real estate investment property has its own inherent value, and one property is often worth more than another. Therefore, in the real estate investment business, it’s essential for performing real estate fund managers to be insightful and have comprehensive due diligence processes in place to allow their investors to realize a positive ROI over the short, mid and long-term.  Even though the elements of each real estate asset vary from property to property, the extensive analysis and due diligence required by the best real estate fund management teams in evaluating each property are consistent to determining true asset value, and we share this information with our investors through their own secure and private online portal.”

American Colonial Capital offers  clients an online dashboard of information and a straightforward investment property calculator to evaluate investment opportunities and assist with making intelligent real estate investment decisions.  The investment property calculator shows metrics and numbers associated with a real estate property and the dashboard assists investors in determining the amount of money required to put into a real estate investment related to their individual investment thresholds.

In addition, investors can download the investment property calculator to their mobile device to make calculations on the go and share with friends. This is an important feature for many real estate investors because they make educated decisions in a timely way and now they have a resource at their fingertips for mobile, tablet or smart phone viewing.  Using the investment property calculator empowers investors with up to date investing metrics to make informed decisions regarding return on investment in real time.

American Colonial Capital helps clients make educated real estate investment decisions.  Their online tools and staff assist clients every step of the way to understand how the process works before investing.  Ultimately, they take the hassle out of real estate investing, understanding value, and monitoring and tracking real estate investment performance in a direct and transparent manner.


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About Us: American Colonial Capital, LLC is a private, real estate, and investment company focused on acquiring, developing, financing, and managing real estate assets. The company takes an asset-based and asset-diversification approach to real estate investing to provide downside investment protection and consistent yield.  American Colonial Capital invests in properties for its own account, participates in joint ventures, and provides strategic advice to clients on complex real estate transactions through its affiliates, sponsors, and advisors. To learn more about our approach, strategy, and opportunities to earn competitive returns on real estate backed investments; please visit American Colonial Capital at

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