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Posted by americancolonial on February 24th, 2014

People Consider Advice from American Colonial Capital Before Making Real Estate Investment Decisions


Investing in new business opportunities or the stock market is not always as safe as people think.  As investors are deluged with numerous investments options, it is hard to decide which are good investment opportunities and which are risky. For example, there are REIT investment funds, start up technology investments, stock market investments, alternative high yield investments, income annuity investments, and high yield investments from which to choose.To add to the complexity, available investment options always should match the investment goals and return on investment thresholds desired by investors in the USA. The good news among all of these investment options is that there is one that historically has performed well over the long term; real estate.

Real estate investing is popular because an investor can physically see their investment and has a hard asset as part of their investment portfolio. Recent real estate market circumstances have also benefitted savvy real estate developers who buy repossessed properties at market discounts. These properties include commercial properties such as hotels, shopping centers and apartment complexes, vacant office buildings, and raw land.  In most cases, real estate value increases over time, not decreases. A USA real estate investment company that leverages the real estate marketplace is USA based American Colonial Capital, which has a diverse portfolio of real estate investment options available to investors.

Shahvand Aryana, American Colonial Capital’s founder and Chairman of the Board states: “Real estate is bought and sold every day. There’s a lot of potential financial upside to real estate investing and with insight, analysis, and hard work there is an opportunity for high returns, in many cases.  It’s important to analyze closely the asset, the land, the building, past performance, and location of a real estate property before making an investment. Our team has the expertise and experience to value properties to build a quality real estate portfolio for our investors.”

American Colonial Capital strives to identify diverse real estate assets available in the USA that can be repositioned for upside potential.  Some properties need to be brought up-to-date to meet current standards to realize market value and others are longer-term investment opportunities.

As an example, American Colonial Capital has partnered with the Hilton, Hyatt, and Marriot Group to identify and evaluate properties that are in a position to financially perform after investment in refurbishment and upgrades and are included as part of American Colonial Capital’s asset-backed, real estate investment portfolio as performing ROI real estate assets.

Learn more about asset backed real estate investment opportunities by visiting American Colonial Capital’s website at

About Us: American Colonial Capital, LLC is a private, real estate, and investment company focused on acquiring, developing, financing, and managing real estate assets. The company takes an asset-based and asset-diversification approach to real estate investing to provide downside investment protection and consistent yield.  American Colonial Capital invests in properties for its own account, participates in joint ventures, and provides strategic advice to clients on complex real estate transactions through its affiliates, sponsors, and advisors. To learn more about our approach, strategy, and opportunities to earn  competitive returns on real estate backed investments; please visit American Colonial Capital at

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