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Posted by americancolonial on February 24th, 2014

American Colonial Capital Tracks Information Similar to REIT Investment Fund


The real estate investment markets look promising today, but tomorrow could be another story. The changing real estate investment market brings changes to the economy daily and only a properly managed and forward thinking real estate investment fund will identify alternative high yield investments. A REIT investment funds traditionally keep track of varied real estate investments and differentiates good real estate investments from less desirable investments. A new player to the REIT investment forum is American Colonial Capital, which includes as part of its diversified investment strategy a private, non-traded REIT of high-value private equity real estate in the USA to investors.

There are many real estate private equity firms in the marketplace. American Colonial Capital is unique as it advances the traditional business model of a REIT investment fund by providing investors:

  • Annuity investment opportunities from a diversified real estate portfolio
  • Monthly dividend payments related to the real estate portfolio, and an
  • Online investor portal of information related to each real estate investment and its performance

High quality USA real estate investment should be made only after relevant and current information related to each real estate asset is available to the investor.  American Colonial Capital provides up-to-date information on each real estate investment transaction and performance through its online investor portal, which provides tracking and measurement tools on USA property investment found in American Colonial Capital real estate portfolios.

American Colonial Capital Founder and Chairman of the Board Shahvand Aryana states: “All of the information related to our real estate transactions are secure and monitored through our back office, secure online portal for clients. We believe that transparency of information is essential when investing in private equity real estate in the USA and we ensure that our clients have the information they require on new real estate investments available to them and how past investments have performed before making investment decisions.”

American Colonial Capital provides real estate investors the most comprehensive information related to a real estate property to accommodate stringent reporting requirements of its diverse investor client base. This information includes information on a diverse pool of real estate investments in various geographic markets, and, of equal importance,time horizon investment considerations such as: the length of time that a real investment takes to see an adequate return on investment and the amount of money required for the overall real estate investment strategy to succeed related to a specific property or real estate investment portfolio. There are many variables that should be considered before making a real estate investment and American Colonial Capital Funds makes the process transparent and easy.

Learn more about REIT real estate investment fund by visiting American Colonial Capital’s website at

About Us: American Colonial Capital, LLC is a private, real estate, and investment company focused on acquiring, developing, financing, and managing real estate assets. The company takes an asset-based and asset-diversification approach to real estate investing to provide downside investment protection and consistent yield.  American Colonial Capital invests in properties for its own account, participates in joint ventures, and provides strategic advice to clients on complex real estate transactions through its affiliates, sponsors, and advisors. To learn more about our approach, strategy, and opportunities to earn competitive returns on real estate backed investments; please visit American Colonial Capital at

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