Clean Air Act - Vital Compliance

Posted by Bellaisa on February 24th, 2014

Environmental laws such as the Clean Air Act may impose certain requirements on a business, depending on the type of business, its location and other factors.  To protect a company from legal problems in this area, awareness among the company’s people is supreme.  Knowledge is power and companies should ensure that they have knowledge of how the rules apply to their operations and how to comply therewith.  Compliance can be vital to continued operations.

Environmental laws have been imposed since the last century. More and more policies, statutes and assessments are emerging in the 21st century. Some companies are daily subjected to environmental law rules and regulations such as those involved in the Clean Air Act and in The National Environmental Policy Act. The various statutes and regulations are formulated to protect several sections of the environment such as The National Environmental Policy act, The Clean Water Act, The Clean Air Act, The Pollution Prevention Act, The Toxic Substances Control Act, The Occupational Safety and Health Act and so on. Even thought the laws are complex for laymen to comprehend, these acts and statutes can be explained by a lawyer in simple terms with the aim of generating awareness about how they impact a particular organization.

Since the inception of environmental laws, national and state governments have continued to build on the original set of laws by adding stringent measures and even eliminating earlier standards. It is hence clear there are many layers of law to understand – current versus old, national versus state, cases versus regulations and more.

The US environmental laws continue to evolve and have acted as a guideline for the world to follow. It will be interesting to see how other governments write such laws and how they apply them to a wide range of institutions.

Do you feel like learning more about the Clean Air Act or other environmental issues? We learned more here about environmental laws that impact businesses.

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