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Posted by RaynaJess on February 24th, 2014

Caring for a family member who has sustained injury and has mobility issues or a disability can be a very difficult challenge for a family. Finding the time to care for the loved one is one of the main problems the family confronts. People who are in this situation need professional assistance from experienced caregivers, who can offer mobility support and disability support services on a temporary or permanent basis.

Let’s see what the two services imply. Mobility support refers to the assistance given to those individuals who have sustained injuries or have lost mobility due to old age or illnesses. If someone fractures a leg and undergoes surgery, he will lose mobility temporarily and will have to use crutches or ride in a wheelchair for a while. Using mobility support enables people to have some degree of freedom in movement. Of course, each individual case is different and while for one person a walking stick may be enough to gain more stability and independence in movement, others will need greater care and other types of mobility support, including specialized transportation. Transportation can be adapted to the specific mobility needs of the person who needs this service. Professionals can make the recovery process much easier by providing custom services perfectly fitted for the patient’s needs. No one can anticipate unfortunate events, but it’s very important to know that if an accident happens, one can get reliable and prompt assistance.

People who have disabilities may also ask for mobility support, since this is a subcategory of services which may be included in disability support. Disability support implies a full range of caring services and products. Professional caretakers are trained to take care of a person from A to Z, helping this person in all that relates to health needs and normal every day activities. This can imply (but is not limited to) helping the disabled person bathe, eat, take the prescribed medication, walk, go through therapy sessions etc. Besides health related services, additional services may be provided:  shopping and cooking, housekeeping, garden maintenance, arranging for transportation, respite care, post-operatory care, companionship care etc.

The personnel in Australian companies is licensed, trained and experienced in working with disabled persons, offering them full disability support in each of their needs. In this job, it’s important to be very patient and to have a compassionate attitude towards the one you are caring for, so the social aspect is a major criterion in selecting a good and reliable caregiver. The personal assistant must be able to make the patient feel as comfortable and relaxed as possible, and to encourage the disabled or injured person in the path to recovery. A positive attitude is highly helpful in the recovery process, so if the patient is inspired to have a positive approach regarding his condition and treatment, this will bring good results faster. Professional assistants can help you or your loved ones live a normal and independent life.

Australian caretakers are offering comprehensive mobility support and disability support services for their clients.

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