Home health care: a viable and affordable care solution

Posted by tedmark on February 24th, 2014

In recent years, at home health care has become a popular healthcare solution, being used not just by the elderly or disabled, but also by those who have suffered injuries or are recovering after a surgery. Staying in the hospital can be very costly and since many lack the financial resources for hospital care, the more affordable solution is getting home health care.

What makes home health care popular is the fact that patients can design their own health care program, according to their individual needs. Hospitalization is expensive and for people who don’t need constant medical supervision, receiving care at home is a better option. Carers can be hired to provide assistance only at determined intervals, on an hourly basis or depending on the patient’s specific needs, which means that costs can be cut down significantly. This will of course depend on the situation of each patient. Usually, those who are eligible for at home health care are those who have a stable health condition, although in some cases people with severe ailments may also be treated at home (e.g. terminal illness cases). Disabled persons can also fit into this category, as well as seniors or people with ailments and deficiencies, physical or mental.

At home health care can in fact be more beneficial for patients than staying in hospitals or nursing homes. Patients are more relaxed and at ease in their own homes, and this mental comfort can help in making a faster recovery and enhancing one’s life. Moreover, patients will receive individual attention at home, which adds to the quality of the services provided. A major benefit deriving from home health care is the fact that patients can remain independent in what concerns their lifestyle. There is no need to keep to a certain schedule except for the chances recommended by the doctor. Also, one has much more intimacy in his home, which no degree of comfort in any hospital or nursing center can bring him. In terms of quality and professionalism of the staff, at home health care services are the same as those people will receive in a private hospital or nursing home.

There are different types of home health care services and each of these can be adapted to each patient’s specific needs. One person may need full-time personal care while another may just need help with the physical exercises recommended by the doctor. Carers have the task to help patients keep personal hygiene, to prepare meals, to assist patients in therapy sessions and mobility exercises, to give medication or to offer overnight care. Besides these, they must make sure that patients are comfortable at all times and do everything possible to ameliorate their condition.

At home health care has improved greatly over the past decade and as a result more and more people have started to see the benefits that it brings. You can now leave home knowing that your loved ones are properly cared for by professional caregivers.

Arrange for at home health care and you’ll get custom personal care. Home health care services are the perfect response to each of your needs.

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