Fifty Shades of Grey Movie Still Shows Ana Setting Eyes On Christian

Posted by BrielleFoster on February 25th, 2014

By now we all know that both, in the novel and in the film adaptation, Christian Grey is a character, who seduces the virginal college beauty, Anastasia Steele into making her his submissive BDSM partner. But where does it all start? To give you a clue in that department, the producers of the “Fifty Shades...” film have recently released the first official still from the venture. We have to give it to the brains behind this move, that the timing is impeccable. With the countdown also beginning, to announce the release of the movie, in a year’s time, to producer Dana Brunetti announcing that the outdoor shoot of the film is also drawing to a close and is anticipated to end sooner than it was expected, the first still satisfies the eager fans just enough.

The people who have read the novel know that the not-so-classical romance between Ana and Christian begins from a chance encounter when Ana has to go to Grey’s office and take his interview, in place of her best friend and roommate, Kate, who is indisposed. As the coy girl makes it to his office with unsteady steps, the still shows how she sets her eyes on Grey from that moment on. It wouldn’t be wrong to say that probably both felt the strong sexual attraction for each other and if you explore the still further, you can analyse that it is in some ways quite similar to the first official poster of the film which was released a few months back.

In the official poster of the movie, a sharp suited and dapper looking Christian Grey can be seen standing with his back to us and looking out into the Seattle skyline, from a floor to ceiling glass window. In the still, which has been released recently, the mysterious and dark entrepreneur can be seen facing an apprehensive Ana, with his back to us. The couple goes on to explore each other sexually, by becoming dominant and submissive partners of each other in a BDSM relationship.

The fact that we have already seen Dakota Johnson and Jamie Dornan as Ana and Grey, quite comfortable with each other, gets a new meaning with this poster. The shy and docile Ana is a perfect foil to the in-control and seductive Christian Grey, as it can be seen in this still. With a year left for the fans and the followers, who have been waiting with bated breath to catch the movie in theatres, they are hopeful that the producers will try to appease them by releasing a sneak trailer at least. But with no official confirmation coming from the producers, the fans just have to keep their fingers crossed. 

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