5 points to consider in Dallas collision centers

Posted by AmandaTom on February 25th, 2014

If you are looking for Dallas body shops then this is the right place that you have come to. I’ve not listed the Dallas collision centers here but what I’ve done is list down those five important points that you should keep in mind when choosing a collision garage in Dallas.

In 2013 Dallas had more than 25,000 collision cases and almost 21% of these collision cases were hit and run accidents. This means people got into car collisions and drove away. While the DPD is quite agile in handling these hit and run cases they simply cannot catch so many miscreants. Hence, what is important for you to do is to keep a list of the best Dallas collision centers.

So what are those five points to consider so that you are able to choose from the best Dallas body shops? Here they are…

Manufacturer garage or independent garage?

If your car is under warranty you would obviously want to go to your manufacturer’s garage or a garage approved by them. However, these garages could be quite costly and even when a large portion of your bill is paid off through warranty and insurance you could still end up paying a lot. Why not look at those independent garages that do the same great job and charge you less?

Towing service cost?

Towing service can be a substantial cost and can put you back by almost $100. The so called best Dallas body shops are quite expensive when it comes to offering towing services. However, there are certain garages that offer free towing services and you should look for them.

Repair cost estimate?

The repair cost estimate is bound to be different from garage to garage. The cost differential could be due to the location of a garage and the labor cost it charges. It is best to compare between different Dallas collision centers so that you are able to choose one that offers great quality service at an affordable cost.


Depending on your insurance cover terms and conditions you could end up paying a lot in the form of deductible. It really hurts when someone has to shell out $500 from their pocket for collision repair. However, there are Dallas body shops that take care of your deductibles in many cases. You should always look for them.

Other benefits

You should look for Dallas collision centers that offer additional benefits like free rental car for the duration of the service and make it easier for you to get the insurance issue sorted out. At the same time you should also consider their experience and the kind of customer service they offer. Everyone will give you those sweet talks but the internet will tell you exactly how good a particular garage is.

These five points about Dallas collision centers should help you choose one of them. If you don’t want to pay through your nose by visiting one of the Dallas body shops then it is better to keep these points in your perspective.

There are hundreds of Dallas collision centers all over the city. But choose from those Dallas body shops where the money spent is worth its value.

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