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Posted by moshbhavika on October 17th, 2020

It is a decentralized asset management platform that has n number of uses from liquidity provision, lending, to insurance. The most outstanding product in its ecosystem is Vaults which maximize users' yields by over various yield farming strategies proposed by the community.

The ecosystem includes the following products:

  • — Profit lender (live) to optimize lending yields
  • — Leveraged stablecoin transactions (testnet)
  • — 0 automatic capital clearance for Aave (testnet)
  • — One-sided automated market maker (live)
  • — credit delegation vaults for smart contract loan (testnet)
  • yEarn has grown into an ecosystem of protocols that aims to maximize annual percentage yields (APY) for its users.

It plays a part in the yield farming mania that kicked off with Compound’s COMP token distribution.

yEarn utilizes DeFi protocols such as Curve, Compound, Aave, and dYdX to optimize token lending.

In a nutshell, it is a sophisticated protocol that diverts liquidity to different sectors of the DeFi universe to find the best returns.

There are plenty of benefits that are available in YFT when compared to other DeFi projects. There are many crypto peoples are looking to develop a DeFi protocol like, Uniswap etc. Many DeFi projects are already placed with decentralized ecosystem like As we are getting more inquiries on how much does it cost to develop DeFi protocol like

So if you are planning to create DeFi protocol like then you must Hiring the Reliable DeFi Development Company which is one provides complete DeFi protocol development solutions!

Hiring the Reliable DeFi Development Company

Selecting the best DeFi development company provides solid and reliable DeFi solutions for your business. So before choosing the right DeFi development company, you must review the blockchain and DeFi based achievement scale rate to know the expertise of the DeFi development company.

To Design and develop the DeFi protocol like it needs the talent and experience, Developcoins is one of the top blockchain & DeFi development company in India, holding almost more than 5+ years of expertise in developing the blockchain and decentralized based applications. Hire our DeFi developers to make your business idea into reality. We are innovative that our developed DeFi based business solutions are creating a huge sensation in the marketplace.

Our End-to-End DeFi Development Services

DeFi DApp Development
DeFi Token Development
DeFi Smart Contract Development
DeFi Lending & Borrowing Development
DeFi Insurance Development
DeFi Yield Farming Development
DeFi Wallet Development
DeFi staking Development
And more

If you are serious about expanding your business by developing DeFi protocol similar to & Uniswap, Let us know the idea and we make your idea into reality!


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