Tips to Make Smooth Travel Arrangements for Corporate Events

Posted by planaheadevents on February 26th, 2014

The role of a corporate event organizer is hands-on and often involves working on many aspects of event planning. Therefore, a corporate event planner always has to be on her toes and must be able to manage a wide range of activities. One of the many challenging tasks an event planner has to undertake is making travel arrangements for corporate events. It requires a tremendous amount of forethought and data gathering and can be little stressful for an event planner as even one small mistake can cause a lot of inconvenience to the event attendees. So, here are some tips on making travel arrangements for corporate events.

Determine transportation and accommodation requirements

Before you start making the arrangements, you need to know the preferences of the attendees, like: their preferences of seats, room-mate requests, special needs of attendees with disabilities, basic needs such as Wi-Fi and other similar services. Knowing these things will allow you to anticipate what flights to book and what hotels and car services to enlist.

Make things easy for the attendees

Provide a one-stop process for your registrants in which they sign-up, pay, get hotel room, get flight, and receive all relevant follow-up communications.

Making hotel and room reservations

Once you already know the preferences of the attendees, you can proceed with making the hotel arrangements. Some important factors to consider while making hotel arrangements are:
•  Estimate the minimum and maximum number of rooms that you need to reserve for your business event. Some hotels offer block discounts on bulk booking.
•  Select a hotel that has on-site conference rooms that you can rent or that is near the venue where your business event is being held.
•  Some other factors to consider: food, taxi services, recreational activities etc.
There are many apps available these days to make hotel booking process easier and cheaper, for example,, LodgeNet, etc.

Making travel and flight arrangements

Making flight and travel arrangement is another important aspect of corporate meetings. There are many airlines that offer discounts on group booking. Group travel is a booking where at least 10 people have the same outward flight and the same return flight to/from a destination.
Also, there are many useful websites that let you compare prices and decide the best options for your events, for example, Kayak, Yahoo FareChase, Travelocity, etc.

Packaging the trip

Try to make price and service comparisons and determine the package which will allow you to get your money’s worth. Packaging the trip would include booking air, hotel, and car services. Corporate events planners can save a lot of money if the trip amenities are packaged together instead of purchased separately.

Minimize unnecessary travel clutter

There are many apps like TripIt that makes life easier by cutting down on travel materials such as flight confirmation numbers, hotel confirmation numbers, and other paper based clutter. The attendees can put every pertinent detail in their smartphones or tablets without having to worry about papers.

Making travel arrangements for events can be a daunting task, especially if you have other important things to concentrate on. The experts at Plan Ahead Events, corporate event planning company can make your life a lot easier by arranging a smooth travel experience for you important corporate events.

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