Redefine Your Walls with Cork Tiles Paneling

Posted by juliabennet on February 26th, 2014

Every person that wants the interior decoration of his home to be top-notch pays ample attention on the flooring of the house. Cork tiles are the in vogue flooring material currently. The kitchen was not floored with cork until recently. But with the recent advancement in technology has seen various methods of cork underlayment that make cork the perfect choice when it comes to flooring wet areas like bathrooms and kitchens.

Environment Friendly
Cork, being a renewable source is the ideal foil for people who care equally for their rooms and the environment. Though being wood, cork does not need trees to be cut for its extraction. It is scrapped from the bark of trees that have the potential to grow fully in less than ten years time.

This is a major benefit that cork has over other varieties of wooden flooring. In other forms of wooden flooring, the entire stem of the tree has to be cut, giving almost no chance of survival to a living being that required some two, three decades to stand that tall.

Until recently, cork was primarily used as a flooring material. Only lately did its use as a wall building material become popular. This is due to the emergence of ties made from cork. Using tiles has since long been a method of beautifying walls. The use of cork in walls was earlier limited to its application in the notice boards of schools and hospitals.

However, with changing time and taste of people, the need to make the walls look a little more different and extraordinary came forward. Cork tiles have become a favourite with people who want an easy to install and maintain paneling on their walls

What has greatly triggered the popularity of cork tiles as a paneling material for walls is the cost effectiveness. Tiles made from cork are priced a lower than most of the other tiles that are available in the market. Tiles that are made of glass or polycarbonate sheets are a lot costlier than the cork tiles. So using cork tiles not only does provide the ever needed difference in style, but also ensures that the whole enterprise is easy on the pocket.

Cork paneling is the ideal foil for the walls of the kids’ rooms. Kids generally have a tendency to give their creativity a full boost by utilizing the walls of their rooms. In such a scenario it is best to have a paneling that is cheap and can be changed easily. At the same time, the cork tiles also provide the much needed décor to the house. Using cork tiles in children’s rooms also ensures that the overall decorum of the house is not compromised.

Cork tile is also very useful in the kitchen. This application of the tiles has developed recently. Earlier cork used to get damp when it came in contact with water. So, it was advised not to use cork in humid areas. However, with recent innovation in cork underlayment, cork is also being extensively used in kitchens.           

Want an attractive cork tiles? paneling done at your home or office? We deal in various types of cork underlayment to satisfy your private and commercial needs.

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