Used Waste Vegetable Oil For Biodiesel

Posted by wvodesigns on February 26th, 2014

Long gone are the days when waste oil is considered as a contaminant causing unwanted environmental pollution. The modern waste oil management processes and processing equipment enable you to produce biodiesel with which one can save colossal expenditure incurred on fuel. The biodiesel extracted from waste vegetable oil can be used for residential and industrial purposes too. At homes, the biodiesel can be used to operate kitchen appliances, heating or home cooling appliances and more. In industries, this biodiesel can be used for running manufacturing machineries and more that brings down the production cost.

Handling Waste Oil
There are basically two ways in which waste oil can be handled. Firstly, the waste oil can be transferred as biofuel to operate machineries and automobile at an affordable cost. To do this, you need the help of a WVO transfer pump or a WVO centrifuge. A WVO transfer pump can be used to move waste oil that are really dense from one storage container to the sewage barrel quickly and from the sewage barrel it can be disposed in a safer compost pit.

The most effective way to handle waste oil is to convert it into biodiesel and using it for running machines and appliances. The WVO centrifuge can be used in the process of converting waste vegetable oil to reusable biofuel. The centrifuge removes dirt particles, contaminants and water particles from waste oil to extract clean biofuel that can be used for machines and cars.

WVO Centrifuges and Uses
The WVO centrifuges are cost-effective devices that can also be hand-operated to extract biodiesel from waste oil. The WVO centrifuges can be used to produce fuel quality vegetable oil by removing residue from it. The centrifuges remove dirt from vegetable oil using open bowl oil purification system and this process is quick and time saving.

WVO centrifuges are effective in transesterification of dense vegetable oil to make the best quality fuel for running machineries at home and at commercial places too.

The WVO centrifuges are inexpensive, and they are easily available online with trusted sellers of centrifuges and oil pumps. There are also power operated centrifuges available at an affordable price range with the sellers online. You can also buy centrifuge motors along with the WVO centrifuge to increase the performance of the machine by quick and easy transfer of oil from the closed centrifuge lid to the storage barrel.

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WVO Designs has been in the alternative fuel industry since 2008. Their mission has been to serve the alternative fuel community by providing high quality products at exceptional value. They have developed some very efficient and extraordinarily effective WVO centrifuges, pumps & conversion systems.

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