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Posted by FiftyShades on February 26th, 2014

When you are successful, you have to pay a price for it and it shows when you are a certain Jamie Dornan and your producers are your fans. Yes, that is what has happened with Jamie Dornan recently. The 31 year old actor, who has shot to fame after being chosen as the lead actor of the movie version of the novel “Fifty Shades...” used to be a television actor. But you already knew that. What we bet you didn’t know was that even after bidding adieu to his television projects like “The Fall” and “once Upon a time” his producers still want him back.

And the father of one has already committed to return to crime drama “The Fall”, where he will star opposite the beautiful Gillian Anderson and reprise his role as a serial killer. The shooting of “The Fall” starts in Belfast, at the end of the month. But his other television serial, “Once Upon a Time” is not in for such luck, it seems. The fantasy series in which he starred in the role of the huntsman and Sheriff Graham, wants him back for the third season, but there is a little challenge or difficulty, for his character was killed off, there is hope maybe, his “Fifty Shades...” schedule permitting.

Jamie Dornan left the show after he was selected to play the lead in this movie and the executive producer of the fantasy series, Edward Kitsis has said that though his character in the series has been killed off, he has still managed to make an appearance, now and then, for the past two seasons. He was introduced to the audience as Sheriff Graham, but after his sudden and untimely demise of the character, he was re-introduced as the huntsman, and in season 2 he made his presence felt in a flashback sequence. Executive producer of the show Adam Horowitz has seconded Kitsis’ opinion and said that they miss Jamie dearly.

But the executive producers know that he is very busy with the schedule and coming back for a third season on “Once Upon a Time” sounds like a distant dream for them. Ironically, it was because of another television actor, Charlie Hunnam, that Jamie got the opportunity in the first place to start working on this project. It was Charlie Hunnam who was initially selected to play the role of Christian Grey, the tormented business mogul, but citing his work, schedule and commitment to his show “Sons of Anarchy”, the British actor left “Fifty Shades of Grey

But what was considered a misfortune for Hunnam quickly became a blessing in disguise for Dornan. After all, it is not every day that a television actor (no hard feelings for the medium) and a former Calvin Klein model gets the opportunity of a lifetime to work on the literary adaptation of a hugely successful book. And when you have a companion like a certain Dakota Johnson, do you really need any other distractions? Kidding... Jamie if happily married with a kid, ladies! 

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