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Fighting Plagiarism: Why Online Plagiarism Tools Make a Difference

Posted by skshaheen on October 18th, 2020

Fighting Plagiarism: Why Online Plagiarism Tools Make a Difference

college students, researchers of Southern Illinois University found that students who plagiarized in college saw themselves breaking workplace rules and cheating in relationships in the future. Therefore, the importance of avoiding plagiarism stretches far beyond educational consequences.

Checking for plagiarism manually is next to impossible. But ensuring the originality of assignments is crucial to academic well-being. Here’s where online plagiarism checker tools come to the rescue. Pick one embedded with sophisticated AI and machine learning technology to help detect identical content with minimum errors. Take a look at how else they can make a difference.

Extensive Search Capabilities

Multi-layered plagiarism search tools can cross-check documents against billions of private databases, licensed journals, archives, and password-protected websites, which are not public on the internet. They present reports of similar and duplicate content in a clear and comprehensive manner, within seconds of running the test. These usually contain copied sources, original texts, and statistics to help understand which portions are duplicated.

Easy Accessibility

The importance of online plagiarism tools is increasing due to their advanced features. Integrate your system with software that allows anytime, anywhere accessibility from any device, including smartphones, laptops and tablets. This lets you perform scans while on the go. You can simply store the document in your device and upload it on the mobile app to get started. It is synced with your website account, so that you can access your projects easily.

Multi-Language Search Option
Use a plagiarism checker that checks files and URLs in different languages, including Spanish, German, French and even Asian languages, like Hindi. Copying content from any source on the internet, without offering worthy credit to the source, can lead to legal and monetary consequences. In fact, universities can get you debarred or suspended from their courses if they detect plagiarized content, even from a foreign language paper. This is why it is important to avoid plagiarism at all costs, and online plagiarism tools can help you achieve this.

Support for Wide Range of File Formats

If you are still wondering why using a plagiarism checker is important, you can check out AI-enabled tools embedded with advanced algorithms. They can scan all kinds of file formats, including PDF, txt, html, rtf, ppt, odt, odp, doc and raw files. Therefore, there are fewer chances of missing out any duplicate content. Pick an app designed to work for legal firms, university professors, SEO agencies and students. Such anti-plagiarism applications are likely to be compatible with multiple document formats and can even scan physical content with OCR technology.

Focused Results

The importance of plagiarism checkers cannot be emphasized enough. The report generated highlights the plagiarized texts and phrases. Users receive word counts, related meanings, exact texts, identical sentences and paragraphs; all rolled into one report. Besides getting a clear knowledge of the copied content, professors can help students learn how to paraphrase and quote better to avoid plagiarism. This way, unintentional plagiarism can also be avoided to a great extent.

Before running your work through a scanner, ensure it can connect with APIs, and can be integrated with artificial intelligence, along with the ability to combine advanced search results from multiple sources. This way, you can ensure complete authenticity of your paper before submission.

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