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Posted by imemmawendy on October 18th, 2020

Well, something went wrong with your Windows or macOS computer, and things cannot be fixed. If no repair tool or customization utility can save your system, cleaning the main drive is probably the only option left. However, there are options in some cases: for example, you can try cleaning your Mac with Avast Cleanup for Mac or scanning your disk for errors with Avast Cleanup for PC. How to format a hard drive? 

If possible, start backing up and save everything important, or clone your hard drive using one of our guides: How to format a Hard Drive? According to our knowledge, You may need to reinstall the operating system, but you don't want to lose your data! You can then use the Windows setup program or the macOS recovery environment to format the primary hard drive. The following applications show you how to format your main drive when your application and files are gone.


NTFS - This is the Windows default file system for primary drives and is, in fact, the only option that allows this use. This is a safe bet for regular Windows use. How to format a Hard Drive? NTFS provides basic file security, which compatible with many devices, so if you want to use a USB key to connect it to a TV or game console, NTFS is a reasonable option. NTFS also supports files larger than 4GB (the FAT32 system limitation is mentioned below).

Well, FAT32: It is now more than two decades old. How to format a Hard Drive? FAT32 is possibly the most compatible file system, and it is fine to use it for archives unless you plan to store files larger than 4GB. If so, choose NTFS and NTFS, and FAT32 file systems also suffer from a phenomenon called [fragmentation], too, and hence the need to defragment the hard drives used by these systems.

Xfat - The Xfat file system is specifically designed for SD cards, USB drives, and other external media. This is a reasonable option for any hard drive that you hope to move one system from another system.

Fourth is OS Extended and APFS (Apple File System): OS Extended was used as the default file system for macOS until it was superseded by APFS. Both Apple-specific file systems are incompatible with Windows, televisions, cameras, or most other non-Mac devices, so they should only be used on primary internal drives where you store macOS and programs. In most cases, you need to pay attention to the file system only when the drive is formatted. Regular users hardly ever have to think about the topic.


There are several scenarios in which formatting a drive is necessary or useful: How to format a Hard Drive? Additionally, when you need to completely reinstall macOS or Windows from scratch. If your operating system no longer starts and cannot be repaired, repairing and reinstalling is often the only way to start over. When you want to sell a PC or a unit. You don't want anyone to have access to your data! Even if the system is password-protected, there is no reason to risk it. And it is polite to allow the new owner to start from scratch with a cleaning system.

How to format a Hard Drive? When you want to use a USB drive or memory card with a new computer. This way you start cleaning without old garbage. Starting from scratch and cleaning your drive won't help you over time if you don't keep it clean. You see, Windows and macOS slowly accumulate a ton of temporary data, background processes, and other garbage that hogs your disk and slows down your machine, and you can eventually repair your disk. Everything will start over. To prevent this from happening, do a general cleanup to ensure everything is still good and well organized.

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