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5 Best 5 Best Crystals for Meditation

Posted by elainjohnsonz on October 18th, 2020

Crystals are believed to provide a tremendous meditative power to heal the mind and soul. People use different types of crystals for finding inner peace, thinking they have got the metaphysical properties within.

Among plenty of crystal types, we will talk about the five best crystals for meditation. 

Clear Quartz: The name clear quartz explains the definition itself. Clear quartz refers to a clear mind, which has been used for a long time to help clear the users’ minds. This crystal is considered the all-rounder one but mostly used in meditating. 

You can wear a Raw Crystal Jewelry of clear quartz around your neck during your meditation or all the time. You will feel free within your mind and soul from the breakdown.

Black Tourmaline: The color black tourmaline explains the protective and soothing characteristics of the crystals. This crystal absorbs all the negative thoughts you practice for a long time, leading you to experience sadness and frustration. You can be devoted to this crystal when mediating.

Amethyst: As a beginner in crystal meditation, amethyst can bring you all the positivity and be a great companion to be by your side. You will get the full energy to keep a calm mind and thoughts. You can feel a deeper level of the inner self to practice the clarity of mind. This crystal can be a complete healer for your mood booster.

Selenite: If you desire to experience vibrations from your meditation, this crystal can bring you such feeling entirely. You can be in a full concentration during the meditation time that can get an excellent psychic insight.

Lepidolite: If you are suffering from a long time stress and anxiety issues, this crystal can be your great companion. It will help you stay calm and quiet at any difficulties and challenging moments by fighting against the odds and emotional turmoil situations.

So, these are the power of crystals you can get through meditation or only wearing regularly. However, this is about your belief and practice that will keep you benefited mentally. 

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