Designer Kitchens Found in Mansions

Posted by Tom Donnelly on October 18th, 2020

Are you looking for inspiration for your kitchen remodeling project? Sometimes, luxury kitchens found in mansions offer plenty of creative energy to tap into. They have some of the best and most innovative kitchen and bath renovations that you can show to your kitchen designer. Here are some of our favorite features.

Luxurious Marble or Granite Countertops

Natural stone countertops are classic, useful, and consistent features in any upscale mansion kitchen. Aside from the functionality and durability of natural stone, they also provide a luxurious touch to any kitchen space. Classical kitchen countertop colors range from lighter beiges colors to dark grays. Natural stone is also easy to maintain. If you want this posh touch but you are working on a limited budget, inexpensive marble and granite countertops are available. Show your kitchen inspiration to your local kitchen cabinet makers and they can develop a color scheme for your cabinetry that will appear harmonious.

Ceiling High Cabinets

Are you looking for a feature that can make your small-ish kitchen space look taller? Mansion homes often allow the cabinets reach the ceiling and cap it with crown molding. No reason why your smaller kitchen can’t achieve a similar look if your ceiling hight is over 12 feet. This vertical illusion can make your kitchen look taller and grander than it actually is. Go for stark contrasts if you want to play up this shape. For example, if you have white walls, play up the vertical illusion by having dark brown or black cabinets.

Tile Backsplash

A tile backsplash is another inexpensive way to make your kitchen look more luxurious. It adds more protection for your walls while at the same time making your kitchen space appear more elegant. For a minimalist look, you can choose big marble tiles in light colors. If you want to be more playful, you can be adventurous and explore what mosaic tiles can provide you.

Stainless Steel or Dark Color Appliances

Do you want to have a modern looking kitchen? Gray or stainless steel is in. Many of the newer models today include a fingerprint resistant coating that makes them easy to clean. Dodge the old school white appliances and play up the industrial look of your kitchen with stainless steel appliances.

Remove The Dining Room Wall

If your space allows for it and you really want to simulate what your favorite kitchen in those remodeling magazines have, go large. You can ask your kitchen designer in Hamilton to help you make smart space decisions so you can accommodate large scale appliances as well. The days of the formal dining room are gone and if you have one in your home, it is probably the least used room in the house. By tearing down the walls that divide the kitchen and dining area, you could add over 150 square feet of kitchen space. A kitchen island with stools can support the dining needs and also give it that high end look.

Most high end kitchens found in mansions fall into the category of "designer kitchens" and there was probably a high end kitchen designer that was contracted to do the design work. No reason why you can’t steal a few of the ideas for your own kitchen. One suggestion is to schedule a day visiting a few open house tours by looking through the real estate agency catering to a wealthy clientele. Bring your camera and a note pad to capture a few luxury kitchen designs found in these homes.
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