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Posted by letusgame on February 27th, 2014

Do you still remember the GameBlast we ever mentioned before? Yes, after waiting for so long, it's finally about to come! Unlike oldschool runecsape gold saleprevious, runescape will live streaming for 24 hours on their official Twitch channel this time, which is the longest they've ever done. This feast will be starting at 1pm GMT on Friday the 21st of February. Mark the date!
How to win Heist?
As for robbers, when they deposit twice as many bags of loot as there are members of their team, they win. And for guards, once every robber is turned into a guard, guards win. Meanwhile, there is also a time limit. If 20 minutes passed but robbers do not succeed, then the system will be defaulted as guards win.

About receiving
1. From 12:00 GMT on Friday 21st February to 12:00 GMT on Monday 24th February, you are able to gain double xp for all skills you train, including Summoning. Meanwhile, Recruit a Friend 10% xp bonus is also available at this feast. You can also double your previous double xp by bringing a friend to join the GameBlast. Grab the chance. The double xp will last throughout the entire duration and will not decrese with time!
2. Apart from double xp, you will also have chance to receive a brand new item in Solomon's General Store during the GameBlast feast, which will be a new tunic – wearable cosmetic override with the GameBlast logo on it. This special override will be only available to purchase during the double xp weekend, so do not miss the chance.
How to celebrate the OSRS’s birthday?
Do you still remember the first you join this big family of old school runescape? All of you experienced the Tutorial Island in buy old school runescape money old school runesacpe, and even many of you witnessed the changes of Tutorial Island in old school runescape. Until now, old school runescape forms a vibrant and active world with a strong and passionate community. 
Jagex knows that many of you are curious about Prifddinas, and long for visiting the city for a long time. Therefore, the Lumbridge Guide tried best to convince the Elves to open the gates and hold a party. 
Yes, over the next two weeks you will be able to visit the Lumbridge Guide or any of the Elven emissaries scattered around Gielinor for letting them transport you to OSRS's first birthday celebration!

About giving
The aim of GameBlast is for charity, which is also expressed the spirit of donation. As for runescape players, there will be two ways for you to make your own contribution. 
Firstly, there will be a JustGiving page for you to securely donate for supporting the SpecialEffect charity. You are also welcome to leave a message for encouraging their live streamers.
The other way for you to donate is the previous Well of Goodwill. Do you still remember it? Well of Goodwill allow you to donate in-game best oldschool runecsape gold sale wealth and items and Jagex will help to convert them into real money. Each 5M can be converted into 1$, and each bond can be converted into$4.70.

Which skill are you going to train in double xp weekend? Do you have any plans for GameBlast charity? There will be no doubt that this weekend will be the significant days in your whole life of runescape!

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