How To Select The Best Engine Covers For Your Bike

Posted by gbracing on February 27th, 2014

Motorcycle engine covers are meant to protect the engine of a motorcycle from damages, dirt, dust, and other climatic factors that affect the engine performance and life. There are standard engine covers that are lightweight and also heavy duty engine covers available for all types of motorcycles. The standard engine covers can be used for the motorcycles when they are not in use and they protect the engine from getting colder when the temperature falls. The heavy duty engine covers are meant for sports bikes, and they are sturdy and much stronger than the standard engine covers meant for motorcycles.

Engine Covers – A Crisp Knowhow

Engine covers can be used for the motorcycles when the bike is not in use, and they prevent dust particles and cold air from entering inside the engine. The engine covers are usually made of stronger and sealable aluminum metal body that adds more rigidity to them. These covers can be attached to the engine area of the bike with the help of bolts and vaults. There are also inexpensive ranges of engine covers made of plastic available for bikes, but they are not recommended at all for regular usage.

During bike shipments and also while moving on a vacation when the bike is not regularly used, the engine covers are a must to protect the engine of the motorcycle. If you are a first time bike engine cover user, then here are some tips for you to select the best engine cover:

  • Look for engine covers made of 100% aluminum or stainless steel to ensure they last longer and serve the actual purpose of protecting the engine.
  • Buy engine covers that are exclusively meant for your motorcycle model. Similar covers may look better for your motorcycle, but the fit will not be perfect. Hence look for engine covers meant for your motorcycle model alone.
  • Buy manufacture-original engine covers only. If you own a Yamaha bike, then buy Yamaha engine covers only.
  • Buy detachable engine covers that can be fastened or removed with ease with hands.
  • Engine covers with manufacture warranty is a must for every bike.
  • You can also buy engine cover sets that contain Generator Cover, Clutch / Gearbox Cover and Pulse / Timing Cover and Crank Cover from the manufacturer of your bike.

Always ensure that you shop for engine covers from trusted dealers of motorcycle gears and parts online in the UK. To shop for high quality motorcycle engine covers in the UK, visit motorcycle gears selling stores that deal with branded motorcycle covers, and other motorcycle parts.

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This article is written by Graham Banks. He is also associated with GB Racing. GB Racing has established itself as the market leader in Motorcycle Protection Products. They now have a FIM approved product range worldwide and provide protection gears like bike chain guard, motorcycle frames, engine covers and much more.

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