Akoya Pearls Are Synonymous-A Perfect, Round Shape, Shimmering Luster And Milky

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Akoya pearls are the most popular as far as the choice of pearls for jewelry is concerned. Although these pearls are also cultured on farms, there are some stark differences between regular pearls and Akoya pearls which make them stand out from the rest. These characteristics make them the preferred choice over other pearls.

Akoya pearls are mostly harvested in Japan and China. As mentioned above, they are cultured on farms and hand-picked and only the best quality pearls are used to make Akoya pearl jewelry. If you want to know about the origin of the pearls that you are buying, you can ask the jewelers and they will be more than happy to give you a story of where they come from. Even on online stores usually the origin of the pearls is given a mention as many buyers choose the pearls according to their source.

The best part about Akoya pearls is that they are available in very small sizes as well, which you may not find in other type of pearls. This is because the Akoya oyster or Pinctada Fucata is also small in size compared to other species of oysters. These pearls can be as small as 2mm or as large as 10 mm. Hence, with these pearls there is more freedom to experiment with the design of the jewelry pieces. A lot of variations can be created with pearls of different sizes.

Another striking factor of the Akoya pearls is their color. They are well known for their milky white color bordering on cream. However, some pearls also have a yellow, pink, blue, and even rose overtone. It completely depends on the preference of the buyer which color he or she will choose. Needless to say the white or cream color is the most popular. The Akoya pearl is also almost perfectly round and does not have misshapen in a collection. This ensures that the design of jewelry that is created from these pearls also looks well finished. The Akoya pearls are also much smoother in texture when compared to freshwater pearls. These pearls also have the tendency to reflect light more strongly which makes their luster, very strong and they shine much more compared to other type of pearls.

These are the reasons why Akoya pearls have become so popular among pearl jewelry lovers. Now that you know how to identify an Akoya pearl, you can go through the pearl source reviews and choose the pearl jewelry made from this exquisite pearl.

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