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Posted by donaldmiller on March 1st, 2014

 Once it was a common strategy of webmasters to buy links in bulk. The quality of backlinks used not to be considered by the webmasters and SEO professionals at that time. However, Google and other search sites soon discovered that the low quality links and websites are adding no value to the web and started to emphasize more on the quality of links. If you want to see your site on page one in Google, you must get quality backlinks to your website. Keep in mind that if your business website is still linked to low-quality or spam websites, your site will be penalized any day soon. Therefore, you should adopt a link building strategy that fits the new web and the dynamics of the same. The Big G is not alone in the war against spam websites and low-quality content and whichever search site you have chosen for optimizing your website, quality of work is one basic condition for seeing your site in the first page of search results.

Google does not hate link building

Contrary to what many webmasters think, Google does not hate link building. The only thing that the search engine giant specifically emphasizes on is the quality of link and relevance. Is your site linked to a website which has got low-quality content or thin content coup0led with spam links? Does clicking on a link on your website redirects the user to a 404 error page? These issues can make your site plummet in the search engine rankings and you should analyze and eliminate these issues as soon as possible. If you are under an impression that buying a wealth of backlinks would place your site on the page one in Google, change your wrong notion. It is not the number, but the quality of links that has mattered for the past few years and Google’s love for quality links has not faded away in 2014 as well. It was before April 2012 when the link purchasing strategy would work but not anymore.

Are link building packages bad?

Reading up to this, you may wonder whether the link packages offered by different SEO firms are of any good for site. It goes without saying that not all link building packages are good business website optimization and marketing and some of these packages are actually harmful for website ranking improvement. However, there are SEO professionals and firms who are still offering good value for money by ensuring quality of the backlinks they are providing. They do proper competitor and advertiser analysis on Google before targeting any specific word and phrase and running link building campaigns on the same. This helps them to make strategies that work for business website Google ranking improvement.

Finding a quality link builder

To see your website on the page one in Google, you must choose a considerably experienced SEO professional so that your money and effort do not go in vain. There are SEO professionals who can actually ensure sustainable search rankings for your website by providing quality links only. Check whether a professional knows how not to get affected by Panda or Penguin or any future algorithm update of Google.

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