Discover the Latest Upgrades for FRP Tanks and FRP Piping

Posted by tedmark on March 3rd, 2014

Presently FRP tanks and FRP piping are used with many industrial applications, including transferring and storage of chemical fluids, or corrosive materials. Though these products have been on the market for some decades, the important upgrades achieved lately bring new features and advantages.

New technological breakthroughs in this domain have brought many improvements to FRP tanks and FRP piping. These innovations were created to comply with international standards and meet the high expectations and requirements of the chemical industry. The main improvements have to do with corrosion resistance features, low maintenance and durability, strength-to-weight ratio, vapor-tight insulation, flexibility, installing procedures and other facilities.

Higher performance and lighter weight are other important features that come to the advantage of several industries that rely on FRP tanks and FRP piping. The reinforced thermoplastic used by professional manufactures in this domain result in superior temperature capabilities and higher resistance.

Due to the significant developments acquired by FRP tanks and FRP piping systems manufacturers, there are numerous applications customers can find and benefit from, such as chemical processing, food processing, water purification, shipbuilding, firefighting, sewage treatment, flue gas desulphurization, and various other applications.

The components are produced by filament winding and hand layup methods and provide comprehensive schedule of jointing and fitting solutions for worldwide industries. For large businesses that strive for high profits and a top leading position, the latest FRP tanks and piping systems are essential elements for achieving successful results.

Upgrading your old FRP tanks and piping systems with modern accessories and improved components can also be a good solution, in case you can’t afford to invest in new products for the moment. With professional and experienced manufacturers in this domain you can benefit from vast range of services, including design, manufacture, install and service GRP and dual laminate products.

It’s a good idea to search the internet for a top five most reputable and professional businesses in this domain. Look for the years of establishment and ensure you close deals with a company that has been long time activating in this domain. Also, verify whether they comply with the international standards imposed for security and quality purposes. Have a look at the services provided, ask for free quotes, compare costs and find the best solution for you own needs. Remember that fiberglass is the perfect material for pipes and ducts and one of its main advantages is that it is also very cost-effective.

Therefore, go online, establish your priorities, budget limits, technical  requirements and check your alternatives. Manufactures that work with first class materials are able to provide long term warrantees for their products and services. So, this can serve you as an important criterion of selection, among others that work for your own interest. Ensure higher productivity and a longer life span for your products with the latest FRP tanks and piping systems.

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