Tips for buying kennel systems for your pet

Posted by AllmaJess on March 4th, 2014

 If you want your indoor dog to enjoy the fresh air and healthy lifestyle of an outdoor dog, then kennel systems are the solution you’ve been looking for. Kennel systems offer plenty of security and stop your beloved pooch from running off to explore the neighborhood. Instead kennel systems let pets play outside without getting into trouble. But what if your beloved pet is not a dog but one energetic kitty? In this case you must go for cattery systems.

Kennel systems are larger than dog pens and although they can be moved, generally once they’ve been setup they are left in position as permanent structures. With the addition of a doghouse they can also be used as a dog’s permanent living environment for those people who don’t want their dog in the home for allergy or other reasons. Ideally, the kennel systems should be located close enough to a built up area to be accessible, but not so close that noise pollution from the kennels becomes an issue for nearby residents.

The requirements for cattery systems are similar to those of kennels except that allowances must be made for the increased prevalence of respiratory disease and increased climbing agility. Similar considerations of accessibility and space apply to the location of the cattery systems as with kennels, except that noise due to barking is not a factor with cats.

If you wish to purchase kennel systems or cattery systems for your adored pets, the first thing to do is make sure the kennel or cattery will be the right size for your pet. Obviously the bigger the space the better, but if you have a small yard you might be limited for space. The kennel should be large enough for your dog to scamper around in and it certainly needs to be high enough to prevent him from jumping over the top (assuming you have a model with no screen or cover). If you have a cat and want to purchase a cattery keep in mind that it is recommended that the cattery systems face south west (for sunbathing) and not be located near to dogs. The cattery system you pick for definitely needs to have a screen or cover.

You need to make sure the kennel systems or cattery systems are escape-proof. If you have a large pet you might need an extra strong or heavy kennel so he can’t move it or get it to tip over when playing or challenging its security. Ground anchors will also help keep the kennel or cattery securely planted to the floor.

Smaller sized chain links, larger tube framing and thicker gauge wire links all help determine how strong and durable a kennel or cattery will be. Also, make sure the frame has been galvanized after the welding process to prevent rust from developing, and although it has little bearing on the strength of the kennel or cattery, rounded corners are safer than right-angled corners.

If you’re looking into kennel systems or cattery systems for your beloved pet, look no more! There are plenty of respectable and reputable websites out there which can help you get the right kennel or cattery for your pet!

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