Occupational Health Services and its Benefits

Posted by bellabrian on March 4th, 2014

The objective of occupational health service is to ensure the safety of workers in the workplace to reduce the rate of occupational accidents and diseases. The International Labour Organisation has recommended the adoption of a national occupational safety and health policy both at the national and the company level to promote health and safety of employees at the workplace. Occupational health London services aims to identify the working conditions and hazardous exposures, assess the levels of exposures for various working groups and identify the risks of accidents and health issues that may arise in the work environment. Health screening of the workers is also a part of the occupational health London services to assess the suitability of a worker to perform certain jobs, to find out any existing health condition that may get triggered due to exposure to harmful agents prevalent in the work process and to identify cases of occupational diseases. Occupational health services also advice on preventive and control measures that must be adopted to protect worker’s health. Communicating the health hazards and risks to the person responsible for implementing prevention and control measures is also a part of good occupational health London service. The employer should ensure that the workers are well informed about the risks and hazards at work and the ways to avoid them.

To ensure the reduction of occupational health hazards and the economic burden that arises out of accidents onto the tax payer, a number of organisations are keen on investing in occupational health services offered by health clinics London. The employers should facilitate physical, mental and social well being of workers in all professions. Routine health examinations, pre-employment health screening and return to work health examinations should be conducted to provide for a healthy work environment.

Health clinics London offering occupational health services have a team of health professionals who evaluate the worker’s health with respect to the work they do. Thus they contribute to the occupational health management and rehabilitation of people of all age groups. They also train the workplace personnel in first aid and emergency preparedness.

The nature of work and work life has undergone enormous changes in the last 50 years. This change has given rise to new and different health concerns related to physical, chemical, biological and psychological risk factors at work. The demands for better standards and protection at work has stressed the need for introducing good management practices related to health and safety at work.

Broadgate Clinic in London Wall is one of the best health clinics London offering occupational health services. Apart from occupational health management, Broadgate Clinic London Wall also provides a wide range of services from general practitioners to sexual health services. The best healthcare facility is one that provides a variety of services all under one roof and offering a lot convenience. Employers looking for occupational health services should consider reputed healthcare providers to offer health management to its employees.

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