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Posted by AllmaJess on March 4th, 2014

Dog kennel systems are a great place to temporarily put your dog so they don't dig up your bushes or a safe place for them to go to get some fresh air and sunshine, and you don't have to worry about them escaping from your back yard. And if you are a cat lover, there are the cattery systems. Kitty will be happy and will get to take a nap and sunbathe at the same time. A fun place where your inside cat can go outside; and you don't have to worry about them.

Though some breeds are happy with indoor living arrangements, some dogs and cats prefer the outdoors. In such case, owners must provide a comfortable and safe living space for their beloved pets. Living outside is in fact better for pets as they can be closer to nature, not to mention all the fresh air. You have a choice of building your own kennel or cattery, or to choose from one of the commercially available dog kennels systems or cattery systems.

If you wish to buy a great kennel or cattery, keep in mind that you need to put it on a concrete pad with an outer perimeter of gravel for catching water run-off. Gravel runs cannot be adequately disinfected. Concrete is much easier to disinfect with a bleach solution or other disinfecting product. Most dogs, and so do cats, will run the grass down over time and you will find your dog or cat covered in dirt or mud. Make sure to look into dog kennel systems or cattery systems which allow this kind of placement.

Keep in mind that custom orders for dog kennel systems or cattery systems are the best way to achieve the outdoor dog or cat enclosure that will blend in with your outside surroundings and give your pet the most room to play. If trying to figure out what you will need is a bit too overwhelming, simply contact the manufacturing company and discuss with them all the details.

Another important aspect to think about is maintenance and cleaning. Maintaining your dog kennel or cattery is a task that be easily done if you purchase the correct kennel or cattery for your purpose. For most people, maintaining a healthy environment for their pet is as simple as scooping up the waste once a week and disinfecting the area with a cup of bleach to one gallon of water sprayed in the kennel or cattery area to kill any bacteria that can make the  pet sick. Make sure the dog kennel systems or cattery systems you look into do not have to be set directly on the ground.

Don’t forget that you will need to have a professional quality cat kennel or dog kennel system constructed!

Do you want your cat or dog to enjoy some outside time while you are away? The safest way to do so is to invest in dog kennel systems or cattery systems. You can use a bit of your spare time to look into businesses and manufacturers who can help you get a safe and sturdy kennel or cattery at a great price!

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