'Fifty Shades Of Grey' movie gets yet another unofficial trailer

Posted by BrielleFoster on March 5th, 2014

When it comes to eager fans of ‘Fifty Shades...’ they will leave no stone unturned to catch the latest trailer. But when the producers are not ready with one, then what is the last resort left to the fans? Of course, a fan made trailer, what else? When it comes to fan made trailers, the trend has been going on for many months now, with some crazy in a positive way fan coming up with almost real trailers.

These trailers are mostly put together by combining the footage from both Jamie Dornan and Dakota Johnson’s body of past work. We can’t really say that both of them have an expansive body of work, but the creative fans are pretty serious and adept at selecting the right footage and editing and combining it and setting it to a tune too. One of the first fan made trailers that surfaced was by a fan called JLongbone, a YouTube user.

He had craftily, again in a positive way, put together a one minute video showing the two engrossed in doing what they do best, and make drool-worthy and voyeuristic love. On one hand, the Anastasia we see in the trailer is a college graduate, sexually inhibited and inexperienced and on the other hand, the mature and experienced Christian Grey, who tries to seduce and manipulate her. The one-minute trailer has been titled ‘Red Band Teaser Trailer’ and is set to the song, ‘Try A Little Tenderness’ by Otis Redding.

Though the trailer warns the audience of nudity, it has been aesthetically compiled and edited and only black and white shots of the pair has been used. Another trailer, which has recently surfaced is also a work of art by another ‘Fifty Shades of Grey enthusiast and contains, like JLongbone’s work, snips of Dakota and Jamie’s past work. But this trailer also tries to include other elements which fit like a glove in a BDSM inspired erotic film adaptation like sex toys, which bear the unique ‘Fifty Shades....’ brand and some shots are also of Jamie Dornan running/jogging.

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