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Posted by samrojseo on March 6th, 2014

Well, the practice of late term abortion is subject to significant controversy but the fact is something different. This type of procedure proves to be of great help, when mother’s life or health is threatened by the pregnancy or there is a significant fetal defect or abnormality. Many states have banned the procedure from being performed on an out-patient basis and religious hospitals merge with smaller and indigent hospitals, neither abortions nor tubal ligations are able to be permitted. However, if a woman needs an abortion late in the second trimester or third trimester of pregnancy, she must be prepared to travel out of most States to have the termination procedure performed.

Third trimester abortions help mothers whose life is in danger due to the complications in pregnancy. Pregnancy in general can produce serious health risks. During pregnancy, it is necessary to monitor the mother’s status of health as well as the detection of symptoms of serious complications. Some complications develop late into pregnancy with little warning. Make a note; conditions like pre-eclampsia and uterine cancer are serious threats to both the mother and the fetus. To avoid the risk involved in such cases, an induction of labor may be performed, when the fetus is viable. Somehow, if it’s not possible, therapeutic late term abortion is the right alternative to opt for.

Modern prenatal screening techniques can detect fetal defects at an early stage of pregnancy. But everybody cannot have access to such services. If a mother goes for prenatal checkups on a regular basis, there may be life altering defects that can only be recognized and confirmed when the fetus has reached a certain stage of development. When these defects are very severe like abnormalities of vital organs like kidneys, lungs, liver, heart or brain carrying the fetus to term and birth can have a probability of fetal death. Anyhow, if the infant survives, he or she will be living a very difficult life full of suffering. Mothers who don’t want this to happen must knock at the door of reputed and experienced late term abortion providers to terminate the pregnancy rather than subjecting their child to a potential life of suffering and pain.

There are sure to be many women who will perish because of the complications of pregnancy, if late term abortion facilities were to be completely banned. Due to this, many babies will also undergo a great deal of pain and disability throughout their life. So, beware of pregnancy complications and don’t put your life at risk!

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