Gift the Women in your Life with Pearls & Cheer Them Up!

Posted by samrojseo on March 6th, 2014

Pearls are the oldest of the gems we have ever known. Starting from the times well before the existence of our great grandmothers until this generation, we have all been great fans of pearl sets and pearl jewelry. Elegance is what the pearls are all about. This gem has always held a great value it terms of money as well grace. If we go back to history, the Romans in the olden times did not allow people to wear pearl jewelry if they were below a certain rank.

Pearls symbolize innocence and purity and hence have always been an ideal gift for a newly married woman. Gifting a pearl necklace to your wife as a wedding gift would be such a thoughtful thing to do. She would be overwhelmed to know that she has married a very sensitive man, who wants to start his journey with all the purity of this world!

All pearls are unique in nature. You will never find two pearls with same size and shape. They are never identical. That is their characteristic. There were many European countries that had laws on who could and who could not wear pearls back in the thirteenth and the fourteenth centuries. Lawyers and teachers were quite unfortunate as they had no rights to wear the symbols of innocence in fingers as well as a neck piece. The pearls of different colors have different significance. For example, white symbolizes purity’ rose and pink are the symbols of love; golden is the symbol of wealth; peacock green symbolizes romance, sapphire blue means eternity, whereas the black is the symbol of dignity.

All the men who are in love can now express their love to their ladies by gifting them a pair of beautiful peacock green pearl earrings! If you do so, there is a complete chance for you to score some good points! The logic is very simple, if the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach then the way to a lady’s heart is through pearls and diamond!

Mother’s Day is just around the corner, so you may want to gift the most important lady of your life with something precious. A beautiful pearl bracelet can be the perfect way to let her know, what she has always meant to you. Words, sometimes do not justify our emotions. At times, going out of the way is very important to make our people happy, to make them feel that they are truly cared for!

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