What to look for in dog kennel systems

Posted by RaynaJess on March 7th, 2014

  Giving a dog the freedom of being outdoors, while you’re not there to supervise it, is easy when you have a kennel. Dog kennel systems are also prefect for people with limited backyard space or those who don’t have fencing around their property to keep their dogs safely contained. At first sight kennel systems might all seem similar, but look closely and it becomes clear that all dog kennel systems are not the same. Does it come with a screen or sunshade and will it be big enough for your dog?

First of all, answer this question: is your dog an escape artist? Have you ever had to bail your dog out of the pound? It isn't cheap. A dog escaping from hid dog runs is a very common problem with any kind of kennel. A dog escapee can be picked up by animal control, get lost or stolen, hit by a car, bite someone, breed with unknown dogs or even terrorize the neighborhood children. So keeping your pets contained is critical. So, when hunting for kennel systems make sure you purchase a model which is anti-digging.

Another method your smart pet uses to break free is over the top of the kennel. Some kennel systems have large holes so dogs can use their paws to climb it like a ladder. But, it is not hard to find dog kennel systems which have a lift up lid. This is climb resistant and it makes cleaning easier. Some dogs are jumpers. Either they jump right over the kennel or jump up on the dog house and then jump over the fence. In this case there are businesses which offer cover tops or metal tops to prevent them from jumping out.

The third way of escape is to chew through the wire and wiggle through. You definitely need to look into kennel systems that were especially designed to prevent chewing, like those constructed with hot dip galvanized panels.

Another question you must answer is: do you look forward to cleaning your dog’s kennel? Nothing is more disgusting than going out to feed and water your dog and stepping right in your dog's waste or even having your dog step in it and then jump up on you; getting your clothes dirty. It’s easy to avoid such a mess! All you need to do is to do a quick search on the Internet for dog kennel systems made of plastic. The use of plastic sheeting for the housing area of the kennel is one of the biggest advantages of kennel systems.  What is great about plastic is that it does not rot and it does not absorb smells; will definitely not carry any infections or diseases.

Exercise is very important for your dog. In order for your dog to exercise properly, it is often more important to have length than width. The longer the run, the better it is for the dog. It gives your dog more 'getting-up-to-speed' running in his kennel. It also allows him to do his business in an end far away from his housing and feeding quarters.

If you’re looking into kennel systems for your little, or not so little, ball of sunshine, all you have to do is turn on your computer and do a Google search. A lot of reputable businesses offer safe and long lasting dog kennel systems. Don’t lose one more day and make sure your dog is safe when you’re not home!

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