Jamie Dornan changed the way he walked for Fifty Shades of Grey

Posted by FiftyShades on March 8th, 2014

If you are an actor, how far are you willing to go for that dream role? Jamie Dornan is one actor, who can go to the point of even changing the way he walks to fit into the role of Christian Grey in Fifty Shades of Grey. Appearing on Graham Norton’s eponymous talk show, the 31 year old actor and former model said that before ‘Fifty Shades...’ happened; he used to walk on his toes!

But how did it all change, are you wondering too? Well, thanks to the dance classes that he had to take for the film adaptation of the novel by E.L. James, not only did the actor successfully change his walk, but also, his life. The actor, who appears in the series ‘The Fall’ as well, said that his wife too, tried to help him by making him lean back, but the character of a controlling and suave businessman, which he plays to perfection in the movie, required him to know how to dance foxtrot, so when his dance instructor told him to practice it as if he was walking from heel to toe.

So there you have it, the mystery has been lifted from why Jamie Dornan changed the way he walks for this film. He further said on the show that this was the first time he was told, how to walk, and he did not have the faintest idea that the correct way of walking would be to walk from heel to toe.

Appearing on The Graham Norton Show is the actor’s first interview since he was selected to play the role of the businessman with a BDSM fetish. But on the talk show, the father of one revealed his insecurity that he has had to face till now, about the way he walks. He confessed candidly that though he has not been told often that he has a bad walk, he has had people who commented on it.

He explained that before the foxtrot dance instructor explained to him, how he should be walking, he said that he was ‘quite bouncy’ with the way he walks. The actor joked that being instructed about how to walk at 31 years old, was kind of embarrassing since the very first thing we learn in life is walking.

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