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A group of people that knows too well the ravaging effects of sugar are diabetics who often show signs of early aging. Depending on how well their disease is controlled, diabetics can have up to 50 times the number of AGES on their skin as those who do not have diabetes.


The good news about sugar damaged skin is that is never too late to turn back the hand of the clock. One way is to build new collagens with products that contain retinols. Here are five steps to eat right and keeping your skin looking its youngest.


1.     Cut back on the sweet stuff in your diet. It is not easy to e added sugar can help eliminate sugar completely, but limiting added sugar can help. Keep added sugar to no mare than 10% of total calories. Watch for hidden sugar in food. Many prepared food contain hefty amount of sugar. The key is determining how many teaspoons of sugar each serving contains. You can check this under the nutrition carbohydrate section in label for sugars. Avoid high fructose corn syrup. This type of sweetener is believes to produce more AGES than other types. You can spot it in ingredient list innutrition labels.


2.     Supplement your diet with at least 1 mg of vitamins B1 and B6 a day. These vitamins have proved to be potent AGE inhibitors. B1 and B6 are plentiful in foods but taking a multivitamin which ensures you are getting at 1mg of both ensures you are getting the daily value of 1.1mg for B1 and 1.3mg for B6 (and 1.5mg after the age of 50).


3.     Wear broad-sprectrun SPF 30 sunscreen everyday. Significantly, more AGES occur in sun exposed skin than in protected skin, according to a dermatology study.


4.     Employ an inside-outside approach to anti oxidants. These free radial fighters help keep sugar from attaching to proteins, so replenish their supply by eating more fruits, nuts, and vegetables. Applying topical anti oxidants such as green tea and vitamins C and E can be a real skin saver. It seems to be the best way to ensure that they reach dermal layer of skin, where elastin and collagen are located.


5.     Use new ingredients that protect skin from sugar. A growing number of products contain compounds like amino guanidine and alistin, which has been shown to block the formation of AGES.












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