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Posted by SharonEvans on March 11th, 2014

Rovinj holidays will be the best holiday of your life and we guarantee about this. It is one of the most beautiful cities in the Mediterranean. It is located on the west coast of Istria. This has beautiful sunny days due to the geographic location with mild and warm climate. Rovinj holiday is so influential because of it high culture, history and beautiful traditions and because of all this it attract high number of tourists. The local crowd in Rovinj is engaged in fishing, gaming, transporting which helps the tourists who come for leisure and for pleasure, this way they even earn their living. Rovinj can be closely viewed and Rovinj apartments can be perfectly and enjoyed if you have a bicycle with yourselves, you can visit the nearby areas too. Rental cycles are also available with Rovinj apartments but it worth’s a new cycle.

Rovinj apartments provide you with the best of features. We provide our highly valued customers an array of luxurious and beautiful apartments to choose from. All the Rovinj apartments have some of the best world class features and the set of highly skilled support staff takes optimum care of each and every need of our guests. You have various facilities in these apartments to enjoy your Rovinj holidays. If you want to use internet then you can avail the facility of Wi-Fi connection that already exists in these apartments. This Wi-Fi connection is free and they do not charge anything extra for it. All Rovinj apartments are air conditioned along with satellite TV facility. There is ample space for parking in front of these Rovinj apartments, which makes Rovinj holidays extremely comfortable and lavishing                                

Restaurants, pubs, bars and theatres are the centers of attraction. Quite a few local festivals are celebrated with lots of joy and grace. Nightlife in Rovinj is something that you cannot afford to give a miss at all during your Rovinj holidays. Along with over working pubs and nightclubs, there are a number of events that are held here, and they are accompanied with live music as well. Being a coastal island, it boasts of some of the most beautiful beaches in the world. Rovinj apartments in the accommodation have their individual team guides who guide you through and makes sure you enjoy the scenic beauty of the place to the fullest. Each Rovinj apartments are made to accommodate 3-4 occupants. If you want to bring your pets along with you to your Rovinj holidays you are most welcome but the only condition is that you have to bring their bed along with their blankets. Rovinj is also famous for its amazing food and everybody loves food. Istrian food is said to be one of the most delectable food around the globe. Delicious meat and potato stews, cheese along with wine make a great deal. Fishes, crabs, mussels also contribute a larger portion of the dishes of Rovinj. Rovinj is surrounded with water everywhere so sea food is ultimately the finest food available here.

Enjoy the most beautiful Rovinj holidays this time at Rovinj apartments.

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