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What drives customers away from online clothing websites?

Posted by JulyRed on March 11th, 2014

While the online clothing websites have been doing brisk business throughout the year there are many such websites that have closed down or are about to do so. This is obviously because they have not been able to sell online. Some of them are attracting customers by the hundreds but their conversion ratio is abysmal. There is nothing worse for an online clothing boutique to have people come in and then seeing them go away without spending a cent. But when the right things are done for the right customer this situation is not going to happen. So, what are those things that are driving customers away from certain online stores for clothes?

Efficient delivery of purchased products is something that peeves many customers. If someone has spent money on a piece of apparel in an online clothing boutique they would want to have their hands on the garment as soon as possible. This is the reason many websites have same day delivery, overnight delivery and next day delivery. The cost of delivery is another point that peeves many customers. If you buy something worth $50 would you like to pay $12 for delivery? The cost of the item then becomes 24% more. Where is the money saved then? Aren't the online clothing websites popular because they offer price benefits?

Bad website design is one of the prime reasons why customers would go away. If a customer is following a link for a specific product they should be given a landing page. The website design has to be simple and easily navigable. For a customer that is at an online clothing boutique there should be sections and filters that they can use to go through the catalog and find the product without much fuss. One of the prime reasons for success for online clothing websites is that they have large catalogs that list all their products. But that large catalog has to be arranged in a proper manner for customers to find products easily. A complicated maze and customers are bound to go away.

Information on online clothing websites is required because the customers would want to know what they are about to buy. But if an online clothing boutique has too much of text and less of images then customers will get bored. No one wants to shop from a boring website and hence, there has to be proper thought given to the designing of any online clothing website.

Most importantly, the customer has to be given ample payment options. Many customers don't use credit cards and if a website doesn’t have debit card and net banking payment options in the website the customers will not be able to shop. COD is another popular mode of payment and should be there in a shopping website.

If these points about an online clothing boutique are taken care of the bounce rate of customers can be reduced. Those online clothing websites that have focused on these points are the ones doing well.

When a customer visits an online clothing boutique they have certain expectations. Online clothing websites that are not able to match these expectations soon find themselves out of business.

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