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Posted by therapistboston on March 13th, 2014

Yes, just the same way there is Computer Aided Design (CAD) software; there are also dating site software; pretty interesting, huh? I mean, who would ever have imagined that the day would come when online dating would be such a big deal that there would be specially formulated software for it? Seeing as the market seems to be flooding with new dating software each morning, it is vital that one knows what to look for in finding the best dating site software. In some aspects, it is pretty much similar to getting any other software; but with a few tweaks here and there; of course.

What’s in a Good Dating Site Software Package? 

One-off payment

See now this is a tricky bit that comes with much software. You pay for it when purchasing the package and then the software goes on ahead to charge a monthly fee or some other thing of the sort. This ends up being not only very expensive but also tedious and annoying. Make sure the software you purchase just has a one-time payment whereby once you have the software in your hands, that is it; no more charges incurred.

Good user interface

Trust me; you do not want to end up with software, which requires some sort of guru decoding to get through to the software. The best dating site software will be simple to install and use as everything will be simply and clearly spelt out in the user manual.


Rather obvious; but hey, I am going to mention it anyway because it is a pretty important factor to consider before buying that software and ripping it off the box; only to realize it is not compatible with your computer model and operating system.


The best dating site software will come with templates that allow you to fully customize your dating site to not only set it apart from the rest but also give it an authentic personal touch. After all, what is the point of having a dating site that is exactly similar in appearance and function to another site?

Accommodate various media formats

We are living at a time where anything can be uploaded online. Anything; from photos, to short clips, to slide shows, to full clips of even up to an hour; and these all come in various formats. Good dating site software will cover the main formats commonly used; but the best dating site software will allow room for several other formats.

Is that all?

To say I have exhausted the list of what to look out for in getting dating site software would be a lie; but the above-mentioned pointers are a pretty great start and after following these; rest assured that you will indeed end up with the best dating site software. Getting good software is the backbone of the site you intend to establish and so if you end up with terrible software; it goes without saying that your site will crumble as well

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