What is a Dating Script and Why Do I need it

Posted by therapistboston on March 13th, 2014

Back before the online dating trend really caught up, dating script would refer to the gender roles coming into play during courtship between two individuals. This would basically dictate some of the basics such as who would initiate the flirting; who would pay for dates; what the role of the lady was and what the man was expected to do… basically, it referred to what society terms as the acceptable dating channels and model. Then came the age of online dating and the meaning of the term has changed. Rather than referring to how the courtship is to take place, dating script is now used to define the interactive platform created on online dating websites.

When members subscribe onto an online dating website, it is up to the script to facilitate interactions between the member and potential matches in the website’s database. It is best if you buy a dating script integrated within the dating software package as this eases the effort of you having to again come up with your very own script right from scratch. This saves a lot of time, saves you the errors that may arise and guarantees you of workability that is very much near perfection; depending on the dating software package that you may have gotten.

Why Use a Dating Script?

With a dating script, data entered by new members on their profiles is immediately automatically to the website’s database without you having to add the members manually.

The script categorically and systematically stores members’ information in groups, which makes searches, and well as match making much easier as would not have been the case if everything would just have been amassed in one huge collection.

The scrip comes integrated with moneymaking avenues and depending on the type of script you are using; these may vary from the usual platforms such as advertising to less-known tactics such as dating game applications.

With a dating script, a user interface is immediately created between not only you and the dating software but also for the members on your site. User interface is important as it facilitates interactions between you and the computer in a simple language that does not require any conversions. For this same reason, many scripts make use of PHP language as it is open source and easily understandable by both the user and the machine.

The script allows members interact amongst each other. It enables you see other members and can even suggest those that can be a good match for you; simply by matching your profile against theirs.

Get a Ready-Made Script or Create One From Scratch?

When it comes to the part where you may be debating on whether to buy a dating script or create one, I would very quickly advise you to just get the ready-made one. Not only because it is faster; but also because you are assured it has been taken on a test run and proven to work effectively.

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